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Riley's leaving the premiere, and Jonah's following after her. He still doesn't understand why Riley has to go help Violet, whom he suspects probably belongs in prison anyway. Riley tries to calm him down. She assures him Charlie likes him and everything will work out if he just goes back in and lets her go help Violet. She drives off, and Jonah goes back in alone.

In an interrogation room, Violet sits at a table with our two familiar detectives. They start off with the obvious question: Why run if you're not guilty? Violet's reason is she's just afraid of cops. Slick. They present to her evidence of her fingerprints on the lanyard which she tried to give Sydney as a gift when she revealed she was her daughter. Why was she giving a gift to her new landlord, they ask Violet. She reveals to them she is Sydney's daughter, and lies about Sydney being happy about the whole thing. Detective Rodriguez asks Violet if she's ever been arrested. Negative. Then why is she afraid of the police? No answer.

Lauren is sitting by herself still trying to figure out what the hell just happened to her. She stares at her phone long enough to conjure a text from Toby, saying he missed a connecting flight. The guy from earlier returns to apologize for being so presumptuous, but then he turns right around and asks Lauren if she's "working tonight." She thinks for a second and tells him she is.

At Coal, Skilled Stalker is on the phone with Dr. Mancini, giving a report on David. The report is that David is surprisingly actually working the event. He hangs up and David suddenly appears from behind a pillar. He asks the guy to ask Dr. Mancini if he wants a lawsuit for his birthday. Stalker guy tries to leave, but David grabs him by the lapels and throws him across a table, causing a huge scene. David threatens to come after him and Michael if he has someone follow him again. Auggie and Marcello rush over to get in David's face about making a scene. Marcello fires him and kicks him out before David can say anything.

A limo arrives outside of the film premiere. Out steps Abby, looking none too happy with her dress as Ella and Jane meet her. Abby complains about a torn seam and demands another dress. Ella stands silent and blank for a few moments while the two women look at her and wait for her to do something. She's definitely staring into the 5th dimension again. She snaps out of it and tells Abby to get out of the dress. She has another in the trunk of her car. Jane flips, but Ella fights back. Her clients come first, she says. Jane says she hopes standing up to her was worth it. Ominous.

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