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In a nice hotel room, Lauren is getting her stuff together to leave after having slept with the guy she met in the bar. As she's making her exit, she casually asks for her money. The guy plays dumb. Lauren gets impatient and demands her money. He shoves her into the wall and tells her he doesn't owe her anything before leaving her there on the floor.

Auggie leaves Coal out the back door. David is waiting for him by his motorcycle in the alley. David apologizes immediately and thinks surely Marcello can't be holding Auggie responsible for David's actions. Marcello is holding Auggie responsible. Sucks to be David. David makes up a story about why the guy pissed him off, which is stupid because Auggie would probably be way more understanding if he told the truth about the situation. Instead, Auggie says David has never had to live with consequences. David answers back by saying he's just trying to help. Auggie asks if David wasn't trying to help Sydney the night she died. Ouch. Auggie speeds off on his motorcycle.

We're at the Love Nest. Jonah enters with obvious excitement. Riley asks about what happened with Charlie. Jonah says Charlie wants to see his movie, thanks to Riley winning him over. He hears a noise and asks if Violet is there. Jonah freaks out when Riley confirms Violet is indeed in their shower. "Aren't there scissors in there?" Jonah asks. Riley tries to calm Jonah down, but then it occurs to him that if Violet is there, she must've been bailed out. To curb the nag fest, Riley tells Jonah Violet is Syd's daughter. Double-take. Riley repeats Violet's fabricated story about a joyous reunion between her and Sydney leading up to Sydney's murder. Jonah's goofy ass is still stuck on the part about Violet being Syd's daughter. He puts himself in the audience of his and Riley's personal slasher flick and yells, "Hello, she's the killer!" as Violet walks up behind him. Violet doesn't react to Jonah and instead launches into her story about her adopted parents hurting her and making her want to run away. She stole some money from them when she left, which is why she ran from police. Jonah seems unconvinced after Violet's sob story.

Lauren is leaving the hotel bar when she gets stopped by security. It really looks like we've seen the end of Lauren's whoring days when a mysterious woman named Ms. Madison steps up and vouches for her. She gives off the impression of the hotel's resident madam. Ms. Madison pegs Lauren as a Craigslist or chat room misadventure, but Lauren denies the inference. The woman isn't exactly buying it and tells Lauren she only helped because she was once in the same predicament. When Lauren continues to play innocent, Madison threatens that hotel security will be the least of her worries if she comes back to solicit at the hotel.

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