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Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing!

Ella is standing by The Complex Pool in deep thought, staring at her reflection in the water. David arrives in the courtyard and asks why Ella isn't at the afterparty. She canceled the red carpet close-ups of the dress, she says. Her plan is to spread word about Abby hating the dress to make sure Jane never works in design again. David says that might not be enough to stop Jane and offers to take care of it for Ella. Conveniently, Jane was married to David's dad. He says he'll bury her with what he knows. Ella gets turned on over the delicious diabolicalness of it. They kiss. Ella invites him to go upstairs to work on that alibi of theirs. How romantic.


Jane is packing up Sydney's stuff in her apartment. David walks in and immediately accuses her of blackmailing Ella. Jane plays dumb and says Ella was just being nice and helping her out. David accuses her of arson and cites information he gathered from his dad's files. He threatens to call her insurance company or the FBI. Jane says he's making a mistake. She still owns The Complex and will see to it that they all suffer. David says they'll take their chances against her landlord brand of evil.

At Coal, Marcello tells Auggie he's not getting a promotion. Auggie tries to apologize when Marcello tells him to save it. He doubts Auggie will ever be ready to run a kitchen. That sucks, I guess.

Lauren stands in her underwear in her bedroom, barely able to look at herself in the mirror. Giant bruises cover one of her arms from the spill she took when the guy shoved her. She's really becoming a hooker, guys. Wow. She picks up her phone and calls Ms. Madison to seek employment/guidance.

By the pool, Ella, David, Riley and Jonah are gossiping about Violet being Syd's daughter. Violet shows up and gives Riley a tray of peanut butter Rice Krispie treats as thanks. Ella jokes about them being poisoned right in front of Violet, which just adds another $2,000 to how much I'm willing to spend on her engagement ring. They're all hesitant to be the first one to try the potentially poisoned treats. David takes the plunge and everyone follows suit except for Ella. David and Ella scoot off together as Violet subtly sneers at Ella. Ella tells David she got an email from Jane saying all's forgiven. Whatever he did was amazing, she says, but last night was just a one-time thing. He asks if she didn't have a good time. "I always have a good time."

Detective Rodriguez gets a call from Jane incriminating Ella in Sydney's murder. She says she can send them proof she had every reason to kill Sydney. The proof is in the pudding-like storyline.

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