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Lauren towels off after getting out of the pool. David shows up and Lauren hints she wishes she had been swimming with him. She fixes the awkwardness by bringing up the fact tonight is some sort of big opening night for David at Coal. Sounds like Coal is expanding into a night club. David asks if Lauren will be going, and Lauren hesitates, thinking he might not have wanted her there. He wants all his friends there, he says. Lauren's upset she's just a friend. David can't forget what she did every time she was paged late at night and, frankly, neither can I. Lauren says if she had it to do over she'd drop out of med school, which completely sounds out of character for her. She admits she screwed up and they hug. David leaves Lauren to go tend to his business. She looks after him, emotionally distraught.

Ella walks into WPK. She looks up from her texting to see Amanda standing ominously at her office window in a fabulous pose with her arms folded, overlooking all her peons. Ella goes straight up to Amanda's office to say it's nice to see her back even though she has no idea where she went. Amanda's very aware Ella broke into her office. She found a couture button and a blonde hair by her computer. "I could tell by the split-end it wasn't mine." Straight busted. Amanda asks if Ella fancies herself a "Prada ninja," which at this point might -- despite its awesomeness -- not even be an idea which could save this show. Ella doesn't understand why after being so fiercely loyal to Amanda, she is now being her patsy. The only reason Amanda is able to offer up is that Ella's track record of moral dubiousness would lend her to being profiled as a serial embezzler. Ella: "How did I ever look up to such a desperate, washed-up bitch?" Amanda slaps Ella and fires her. Where the fuck has this been?!

We don't swim in your toilet, so please don't pee in our title card


Riley sits in the Former Love Nest playing with Jonah's toys. Ella walks in, looking for Jonah. She's distraught, and that's probably the only reason why she shares with Riley she's been fired. "Wow, Ella, I know that job was, like, your life." Not helping, Riles. After a little more awkward consolation, Ella spots Sydney's painting and immediately perks up. She asks Riley about it to verify it's what she thinks it is. Ella asks if she can have it. She lies that she wants something to remember Sydney by. Riley has to remind Ella they hated each other, but never mind that. Riley finally gives in and lets Ella take the painting. Ella hugs her.

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