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Lauren's having a moral dilemma as they prep for surgery. As the procedure's about to begin, she goes up to Dr. Mancini to try the lie about the patient having a fever. He says he just checked the patient's temperature and it was fine. All out of options, Lauren takes off her mask and contaminates the operating room. She announces to the room Drew's findings about the heart valve releasing toxins and killing patients. Mancini tries to blame her outburst on him planning to remove her from his team, but Lauren says it's a lie and she's just trying to save the patient's life. What a buzzkill.

Ella's ordering shots for herself at the Coal bar. David finds her and tries to comp everything for her but she insists on paying for everything. Drew and Riley find David. As does Jonah. There's congratulations all around, and Ella gets up to ask Jonah if he and Riley made nice. Oh, if you only knew, Elle. Jonah takes her aside to break it to her he kissed Riley. Ella's devastated. Jonah clarifies he and Riley won't get back together as Ella simmers a bit, but it's no use. Ella thanks him for making her realize she can be in a real relationship, just not with him. Good for you, Ella.

Amanda comes home with a briefcase full of cash. Dead Sydney sits across from her. In true ghostly apparition fashion, she warns Amanda she won't be happy with just money and no one to share it with. "Look where I ended up." She vanishes.

Back at Club Coal. Lauren walks around and Drew finds her. He grabs her in a huge hug for pulling through on stopping the surgery."So I'm not a total idiot after all?" Lauren: "Now, don't get carried away." David finds them and he and Lauren branch off to hug their hellos and talk about David's success tonight. They begin to share a moment when Morgan swoops in and plants a kiss on David right in front of Lauren. She introduces herself to a shocked Lauren as his girlfriend. Lauren is confused as David tries to deny what Morgan's saying. She says that's not what he said when they were making love. Ack! Lauren storms off. David gives chase to continue the denial and admits he broke into the girl's mansion to be able to afford the restaurant. He admits he slept with her to keep her quiet about it and it was a mistake. Lauren agrees it's a mistake. Just when all seems lost, David hypothesizes they're both far from perfect, but they're perfect for each other. "I love you, Lauren." Yay, score one for hypocrites! They kiss. Morgan watches with daggers for eyes.

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