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Bed, Bat & Beyond

Marin rides her boke through a picturesque landscape actually featuring some snow for a change. She enters the Inn and runs into Theresa, who's in the process of moving back in with Ben. Marin offers to help with the patient, and Theresa briskly assigns her to the food tree, to supply Tuesday's breakfast. Then Lynn shows up, on her way out to Jack's. Marin wishes her luck, and then has to backpedal awkwardly that Lynn wouldn't need luck to live with Jack and blah blah blah awkwardcakes. Lynn's like, "Save it, Yappy," and takes off. And finally Sara crosses through the lobby on her way out, trailed by Patrick, who's carrying a big box. She and Marin share the fondest goodbye, but Sara has to make a hasty exit when one of the tools of her trade, in the box, starts buzzing loudly, embarrassing Patrick (though he really should be more embarrassed about his newly too-short bangs). Once all the other ladies have gone, Marin says that it's the end of an era, with all her "pals" on their way out. (Well, all her pals, and Lynn.) Patrick complains that Marin will be leaving too (not for a while, she assures him, since her new house still needs a lot of work), and that the Inn never has guests in the winter. Marin points out that this will leave more room for Patrick and his new fiancée, but Patrick sadly says that Annie won't be moving in -- she's very "traditional," and doesn't want them to cohabitate until after the wedding. Marin's like, "But you two are...doing it, right?" and Patrick confirms that they are, asking Marin very seriously not to inform Annie that to do so isn't actually all that "traditional." Marin agrees. I don't know how they can think Annie wouldn't be a superfreak when every skirt she owns barely clears her ass.

Over to Ben's, which the production designer has ordered to be dusted with such a thin, half-assed layer of fake snow, I am half convinced it's actually icing sugar. Inside, Ben's rejoicing that Theresa's moved back into the underwear drawer, though not so thrilled that he won't be allowed to remove her drawers until after they've "checked [his] levels" next week. He's on strict orders to eat healthy food and to rest. He says he misses the bar, but Theresa manages to be a grownup and says that Sara has been helping out and that she should go relieve her. Ben is left to...relieve himself, I guess.

Chieftain. Buzz and Mai toast Annie and Patrick on their engagement; Celia tries to be okay about it and, as usual, fails. Mai excitedly asks what kind of wedding Annie wants, and she says she'd always dreamed of having a black-tie affair at the Pierre -- but with homey touches, like a parade on the way there, and headdresses to honour the Egyption cat goddess, Bast. Celia rolls her eyes, but Mai likes the idea, saying she would have liked dragons spitting fireworks. In fact, forget the wedding! Mai suggests that Annie come over to work up a budget spreadsheet for Annie's father, but Annie says that her parents don't have any money, so she and Patrick are saving up to pay for the wedding themselves, which will require some compromises, though the headdresses are not negotiable. If this thing ends up turning into some kind of Plushie hybrid, just so you guys know: I'm out. Both Bachelors look stricken at this description of Annie's crazy plans...

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