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Bed, Bat & Beyond

Marin's house -- her first, of course. Marin keeps cheerfully making excuses about the look of the place (that she hasn't cleaned it, it needs work, yada), and Jane is, frankly, kind of a dick about it, implying that she's going to fall through the floor and calling the place a rebound relationship that Marin's using to get over Jack, comparing it to some John Burtman guy that Marin dated right before Graham. Marin replies that she and Jack never had a relationship, so that there's nothing for her to get over, and that John Burtman was an angry Republican, whereas the house is "happy, and open to all views." Heh. They are both distracted by a noise outside; Jane thinks it's a trespasser, but Marin says that it's Jack. It really looks to me like Marin's not at all the one who needs help letting go of whatever was or was not going on between them. Also, shut up, Jane: you say that shit about the crappy house to the other friends you and Marin have in common -- not to the woman who's just signed up to spend the next twenty-five years of her life paying for the place.

Marin and Jane head outside to accost Jack, who's crouched in the back yard, planting a tree. He explains that it'll give her something to look at ("for however long you live here," he pointedly adds), and that it'll help to stabilize the ground when the roots spread. He offers to keep an eye on it until she moves in, and Marin says that'll be soon. Jack hesitantly says that the place isn't exactly livable yet (which, what? Minnie was living there; it's not like she was part polar bear or something), but Marin says it just needs a few touch-ups. Jack tells her that if she needs help with said touch-ups, she can call him. "Says the man without a phone," Marin kids, and Jack says that he actually did get one. Marin stupidly asks what the occasion is, and Jack's like, "Um...your pregnant usurper? He says they got it in case there's an emergency. Everyone feels awkward, but Marin ends the conversational impasse by impetuously announcing that she'll be moving into the house the next day. Jack and Jane are both horrified, but Marin is just happy about the idea of moving on even more than Jack is. Next thing you know, she'll be reuniting with one of her pregnant exes!

After the credits, Marin and Jane are testing out a bed in the mattress store Elmo supposedly totally has, even though earlier episodes made us believe people bought coats and Corn Flakes in the same establishment. Jane and Marin debate the firmness of the mattress, and then Marin turns and we see that she's literally lying in between Jane and Sam (the latter of whom agrees with Marin that the bed offers good back support). Jane asks whether Marin isn't moving too quickly, but she has an idea in her head now and isn't about to let it go. Once she's hopped out of bed to go talk to the salesman, Jane and Sam roll toward each other. He cheerfully grouses that this wasn't the bed he was hoping to get her into, and she tells him to be patient, and then they totally start doing it right in the store. Um, Marin has to sleep on that shit later. Please keep your fluids to yourselves.

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