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Bed, Bat & Beyond

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Bed, Bat & Beyond

Radio station. Marin is holding a book of paint chips up to the window, saying she hasn't decided between two shades. Patrick morosely asks which is cheaper, and explains about his worries over providing for his family, and how Buzz told him he had to man up. Marin asks whether Annie can't help -- "woman up," as it were -- but Patrick doesn't really credit this notion, and then Marin starts the show, asking her five listeners whether there's ever a perfect time to move on. We then cut the scene before anyone can tell Marin that living without central heat is a stupid way to prove a point to a dude you were never actually dating.

Sam's houseboat. In bed, Sam's trying to get something started while Jane rants on about Marin's crappy house, and how she thinks Marin's throwing all her energy into it because she's single. Sam asks, pleasantly enough, whether they're going to be talking about this much longer, and Jane says that's just it -- usually, Jane's the one who's single and listening to all Marin's boy problems. Yes, it is a shame those scintillating conversations are behind them. She says she almost feels guilty about it, as though the natural order of the universe has been disturbed. But when she turns to Sam for his take on it, it turns out she has literally bored him to sleep. If not into a coma.

Ben is tasting some inedible "healthy" food when Mai shows up at the door with a container of dumplings. Unfortunately, these are inedible, too: she apologetically explains that they're gluten-free (though...Ben's having heart problems, not an allergic reaction, so I don't know why the lack of gluten would make the dumplings any healthier for him), and that Theresa was specific in her instructions and is also very scary. Mai notices that Ben's watching her favourite show, "All My Koreans!" Ben asks if that's what it's called, but Mai says that's just what she calls it: "I'm allowed." He asks what the characters are saying, and Mai, only a little offended, asks whether he thinks she understands Korean just because she's Chinese. Ben admits that he did think that, kind of, and Mai says she has pieced together some plot points: one guy broke up with his girlfriend because he's seeing his tennis instructor. Ben can't believe the dude is gay, and Mai adds that another character, a midget, is actually a ghost. So it's the Korean Passions? Cool.

Chieftain. Sara cheerfully clears plates off the bar when Theresa shows up, passive-aggressively asking whether Sara served French toast. Sara says that the guys seemed to like it. Theresa dismissively thanks Sara for her help, and Sara excitedly says that she's really been enjoying it. Theresa's like, "Great. You can go now." Sara, for some reason, is dismayed not to get to serve mozzarella sticks and stay on her feet for the next four hours. Maybe she just enjoys the novelty of a job where she gets to be on her feet at all.

Inn. Patrick's fretting over said inn's budget, while Annie obliviously researches making centerpieces out of "old water jugs." Seems pretty straightforward, but I'm sure there's some complicated ribbon-tying technique Martha Stewart's come up with just to be perverse. Patrick sighs loudly, and Annie asks if he's okay. Patrick guesses that she can smell his fear, and then gets up to snap off the light to save "the environment. And some pennies." Annie tells him that if he's worried about money, she can get a second job (she'd probably be very efficient at gutting fish), but Patrick sternly tells her that he will take care of everything, and will provide for them. Maybe some of those old water jugs could earn a decent return on eBay?

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