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Bed, Bat & Beyond

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Bed, Bat & Beyond

Jack's. Lynn and Jack are in the middle of a fight about the fucking tree, of course. The upshot is that Jack wants to protect Marin's feelings by not rubbing her face in his relationship with Lynn, and Lynn wants them to be a "we" again. This request apparently makes Jack feel constipated.

Patrick shows up at Ben's with his midnight snack. Ben is in the process of catching Patrick up on All My Koreans when suddenly Ben's giant TV is taken over with an image of Annie, advertising the Elmo Inn by means of an extremely low-budget commercial. She could have at least come up with some kind of jingle -- "Call Mr. Plow/ That's my name..."

In her kitchen, Marin is checking on the batch of muffins she's making for Ben when Jane shows up. Marin thanks her for coming and asks after Sam, but before Jane can answer that, she notices that the bat is hanging out on the back of Marin's robe. Physical comedy ensues, and ends with the bat making it back outside, and Jane making the lame crack that gives this episode its title. Wah wah.

Annie is snoring away in bed when she's awakened by a violent knocking at her door: of course, it's Patrick, freaking out about her ad. She tells him a few things: the ad cost $6, she doesn't expect him to provide for them all by himself, she would marry him in the bathroom at the Chieftain, and she thinks they could work together to save money if she moved into the Inn. Mai/Annie business venture! Dammit, they can't hear me.

Jack's. Lynn has her arm thrown over Jack's back, so that we can see both their tattoos, but when she says, "Jack...," he begs to continue the fight in the morning. Yes, that'll give you something to look forward to all night.

Marin's. Jane's in bed with Marin, who says she should be in bed with Sam. Jane says it's weird for her to be the friend with the boyfriend, but Marin assures her that it's great. But before Marin can take the next step and order Jane to go fuck Sam, they are interrupted by the sound of a lot of breaking glass. Jane guesses that the bat "sent reinforcements," but both steel themselves to creep out and see what's going on...

...and then a bear is all "I'M IN UR KITCHEN, ETING UR MUFINS."

After commercials, the bear's still snacking. Does a bear shit in the woods? With all the flax seed this one's consuming, the answer is "copiously." Jane orders Marin to call Jack. Marin asks whether it's really a life-threatening situation. Jane doesn't want to wait until they're completely sure.

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