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Bed, Bat & Beyond

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Bed, Bat & Beyond

So Marin calls Jack, but Lynn is the one who answers. She gets Jack right on it. He apologizes for leaving her, but she's not so big a drama queen that she's going to get pissy about him dealing with A BEAR IN MARIN'S HOUSE.

By the time Jack gets out there (sirens blaring and Celia right behind him), the bear has made its way over to Marin's bedroom door and is inspecting it without any apparent urgency. Jane's at the window, and tells Jack that Marin's singing ("My Favorite Things," specifically) to try to scare the bear. Jack lets himself in; Celia follows, with megaphone. Jack holds out a bucket of fresh fish heads, and then throws it out the front door, drawing the bear outside. Jane and Marin emerge, still shivering with fear, and on the porch, Celia and Jack aggressively yell at the bear to get lost. Jane: "Fish heads and a megaphone? We could've done that." Yeah, not until Marin gets a working fridge.

Later, Jane and Celia have apparently cleared out, leaving Jack and Marin to flirtily not flirt on the porch. Marin says she hates that she had to call him. Jack shrugs that it's his job. Marin muses that everyone might have been right that she moved in too soon. Jack guesses that she was excited to move in, but Marin says she just wanted to move on, from them -- to be on her own. Jack says that in Elmo, you can't do anything on your own; he adds that it hasn't been easy for him either, and with a kiss on her cheek, he saldy takes his leave. I guess the bear's a 'shipper.

Inn. An excited Korean couple checks in, quoting Annie's ad when they see her. Advertising works! Just like all those bus-stop bench ads have been telling me.

Chieftain. Patrick and Annie have gathered Patrick's various parents together to return the money they loaned him, and to announce that they're moving in together. Celia tries to act like she's okay with it, and is about as successful as she ever is, which is to say, not very.

Marin's. As Jane and Marin clean up the muffin detritus, Marin admits that she rushed it with the house. Jane hopefully asks whether Marin's going to sell it, but she says she's going to back to the Inn until the house is ready: "I'm going to date it." I hope she knows that this house is not going to be a cheap date.

Jack's/Celia's. The chief is enjoying her SAD machine when Ellis bursts in: he heard she responded to a bear attack, and he came to see if she was okay. She pissily asks who drives two hours just to check in, and Ellis says she knows who. Before she can say it, though, they briefly bond over their shared SAD suffering, and then Celia manages to call Ellis her boyfriend, admitting that doing so was kind of nice. Maybe now the heat from the SAD machine can melt the pole up her ass.

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