Men In Trees
Bed, Bat & Beyond

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Bed, Bat & Beyond

And then Marin's riding her bike again, saying that in order to start moving forward, you have to stop looking back. It's safe to stick with what's comfortable (Ellis joins a delighted Celia at the Chieftain)...but love isn't safe, and we don't know where it'll go (Jack and Lynn walk tensely down the street, not holding hands, as Marin cheerfully greets them on her way past). All we can do is hang on, "even if we feel vulnerable -- naked, even" (Jane finds Sam at work out on a snowy road, and takes off her coat to reveal that she only has her lingerie on underneath, and apparently all is forgiven as he pulls her up for a smooch). Though you might never feel ready to move on or move in, "you have to, because that's how we grow" (Marin bikes up alongside Patrick and Annie, who are way too excited to be delivering papers -- particularly Annie, who can't be at all comfortable sitting on Patrick's crossbar). "And growing is what it's all about." We conclude the episode as Marin fondles the tree that came from Jack. AND LYNN. OKAY?!

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Men In Trees




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