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Celia, You're Breaking My Heart

Beautiful establishing shots of British Colaska, accompanied by The Thrills -- starting strong, Episode 3! Outside the inn, Marin tries to start her truck, but it's not co-operating (giving me time to covet her enormous sunglasses). She gives up and hops out.

Patrick's radio show takes us over shots of the town: as he tells us that there's a bachelor auction coming up to raise money for a new lighthouse (and I have to ask: is there really much value, for the ladies, in paying for a date in a town where you can't throw a salmon without hitting seventeen eligible, horny dudes?), Annie festoons the town's lampposts and telephone poles with flyers depicting a missing skunk, Chief Celia gives Buzz a traffic ticket of some sort, and Marin hauls ass (late again) into the radio station. As the last of these disappears in the background of the shot, the camera pans down the deck to show the (presumably) missing skunk in the foreground. I sure hope there's plenty of tomato juice down at the as-yet unseen general store, because if someone doesn't end this episode with a snootful of spray, then I've never seen TV before.

Marin enters, and as she makes ready to hop on the mic, she learns via Patrick's live announcement that she'll be the auction's celebrity host. She turns around, gasping in shock, and Patrick whispers that he already asked everyone else. Patrick throws to commercial, and Marin mugs at him, waiting for an apology. Instead, he rejoices that they've never had commercials to throw to before. She distractedly congratulates him, but Patrick turns it back around on her: "You're en fuego!" He tries to impress upon her what a feather in her cap it is that a local tackle shop has bought space on her show, but Marin would rather talk about the auction. Patrick confidentially asks whom she's going to bid on, but she says she can't bid on anyone, nor can she host: "I'm not an auction...hoster." Ladies and gentlemen, the town's most successful wordsmith. Anyway, Patrick's like, "It's announced, and even though you're bitching now, you know you're going to end up doing it, so just do it," and Marin relents. Patrick gets up to tell her about the day's other first: certified mail. He hands Marin the envelope, which she sees is a cheque. As Patrick takes his seat opposite her again, she ill-advisedly turns around in her seat as she opens it, allowing Nosy Grier to see over her shoulder that it's for $13,073 and squeal, "That's Powerball money!" Marin says that it's a refund for her half of the wedding deposit (for the hall, I'm assuming). She's a bit weirded out to be holding the "last remnant" of the wedding that isn't happening. Patrick asks if she's okay, and she says she is: the cheque is a bonus for her having made the right decision. "More like he made the wrong decision," Patrick supports. Marin agrees, ruefully adding, "Nothing a bride likes more than being reduced to a number." Patrick thinks that's a decent number for her to be reduced to, and they can up for her show. Hey, this must mean it's time for the show's Sex & The City-style thesis statement! Marin asks the men of Elmo, getting ready for the bachelor auction, "How much do you think you're worth?"

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