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History Lessons

We open with a montage of Marin doing something I recognize all too well: procrastinating on her writing. She cleans Inn windows, cleans out her purse, organizes her closet. Lady, it's called online shopping. Just as time-wasting, and much more fun. In fact.... Oh, fine, I'll do it later. Anyway, Marin ends up cleaning out the fridge, which is where Lynn (wearing a sweater I totally used to own in three colours other than the one Lynn is in) finds her, and asks if she has a deadline; it seems Lynn recognizes the signs of procrastination as well, having once knit a dress instead of setting up her first photography exhibit. Marin claims that the cleaning is part of her process, and that she ruminates while she cleans. Lynn says she was looking for garbage bags, expositing that there's a rummage sale coming up to benefit the Elmo Moose lodge (the joke is that while there are Moose, there isn't a physical lodge yet). She says that they're looking for volunteers for the sale, in case Marin's looking for another project. You know, other than kicking Lynn's ass to the town line.

Patrick expo-nounces the rummage sale on the radio, and we see the stuff getting assembled in the multipurpose hall. She runs into Jack, who's donating a bunch of humane traps. They have a moment of medium awkwardness, but agree that they're okay with each other as friends.

Just as Jack and Marin are wrapping up the temperature-check on their relationship, Mai yells into her bullhorn that there aren't any sales to early birds. Marin says that she's there to volunteer, right after her radio show's over. Annie burbles about how great she is at organizing (and, indeed, she seems to have embellished a clipboard specifically for the event, which seems like a lot of trouble to go to when you live in a town without a Staples). Mai aggressively asks what Marin's donating, and Marin sassily replies that Mai should ask the woman who stole all Marin's New York clothes. Mai chuckles that that was fun. Marin says that if this sale were happening in New York, she'd have thirty boxes of crap to give away, but now she's living light. She quotes Thoreau (short version: "Simplify!"), and Mai basically says she's not down with Thoreau, and storms off to scold another possible early bird. This never happens when you shop online. Hey, how'd I get back there? I am curious about the new fall lines....

UGH, damn you, matter at hand! Marin goes into the booth and greets Patrick, who gets around to telling her he's going to propose to Annie (again), this time via fortune cookie. Marin wishes him luck, and he reminds her about how badly the last proposal went. Marin says that if the first one hadn't tanked, he couldn't get an opportunity to try the cookie, and Patrick congratulates her on finding the silver lining. Marin says some crap about holding onto the past, which then flows into her radio-show thesis: how much baggage do you need to get rid of in order to move forward? As someone who's had to pay for overweight luggage on her last four flights...I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it.

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