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History Lessons

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History Lessons

Inn. Marin is getting ready for her dinner with Stuart when Sara appears in the bathroom behind her.

Sara and Marin sit on Marin's bed, catching each other up on their love lives. Sara left her son with her mother; she knows she gave up any claim she might have on Ben when she left town, but she still wants to be with him. And Marin's fine, she says. Sara adds that she's leaving the hospitality business, and is preparing to move out of the Inn, since she doesn't need "the office" anymore. Marin hugs Sara and hopes that Lynn doesn't take over her room.

Later, Marin comes downstairs, all dolled up for her dinner with Stuart; Jack, waiting in the lobby, leaps up at the sight of her, complimenting her ensemble. She looks like she might be a tiny bit hopeful that he's there to talk to her, but no -- he's waiting for Lynn, who trots down the stairs behind Marin. Stuart shows up, compliments are exchanged, Jack tells Marin to have a good time, calling her "Coach." Oh, and he totally ignores Lynn.

So Marin's taken Stuart out to a clearing or something, where they're sharing a bottle of wine. He's full of compliments for her looks and sense of humour and whatever the hell else, but it doesn't take long for him to get around to the subject of the pages she's given him so far. He tells her "there's a lot in there that's good," and Marin calls him out for damning her with faint praise. Stuart tells her he likes what she wrote about the landscape, but that after the first chapter, it started to seem "fluffy." Marin defends herself by saying that Thoreau wrote a whole book about the landscape -- remember, Stuart, you gave it to her? -- but Stuart counters that Thoreau wrote about the landscape because it inspired him philosophically; Walden wasn't a "travelogue." Marin: "Ouch." There's some blah about Jack, with Marin insisting that Jack wasn't her muse, despite the one really good chapter about him, and Stuart says that Elmo was a character, and that Marin needs to get back into it -- engage with the town, rather than skimming the surface. Um, hello -- rummage sale volunteer! Anyway, Marin considers the advice.

And speaking of skimming the surface -- elsewhere, Lynn and Jack are skating. Lynn takes a second to say how much fun she's having, and then gets right into it, asking why Jack got rid of "the Clearwater." She blahs about her happy memories of listening to it the first night they were in the house. Jack tells her that everything in the house tells him something about her, but Lynn says that they built up all those memories together -- they lived together: "We used to sleep together -- why aren't we now?" Jack says that it's complicated. Lynn asks how much less she can complicate it: she's there, and she wants to be with him. Jack: "You're pregnant." She's WHAT?! Well, they could have said something about that before now! Lynn says that's part of who she is now: "But don't throw the baby out with the Clearwater." Oh, boo. Keep the Carrie Bradshaw out of Alaska, please. Lynn skates off, and Jack eventually follows, holding his hand out for her to take.

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