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History Lessons

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History Lessons

Inn. Annie and Patrick play Scrabble. He's all set to put down "MARRY ME," but loses his nerve at the last minute and spells "MART" instead. Annie gently chides him, saying she thinks he can do better, and Patrick chokes that he's trying as hard as he can. Annie brightly says she has to go back to the rummage sale and skips out, whereupon Marin enters so that Patrick can whine that he doesn't know if he's going to find another perfect moment.

Chieftain. Patrick enters with a giant "CONGRATULATIONS" sheet cake. His new strategy is to "put a clock on it," so that the pressure of the upcoming party will force him to go through with the proposal. What's he need a fiancée for when he's got a cake that big?

Patrick leaves, and Ben heads over to chat with Sara, sitting at the bar with the want ads; she's prepared to quit the escort biz, but she's not all that psyched about gutting or packing fish if those are her only alternatives. They both look up at the sound of a customer calling Theresa's name, and then Sara apologizes for putting Ben in an awkward position the other day. Ben says it's already forgotten, but that he's with Theresa now. Sara says that doesn't mean she wouldn't still like to "throw [her] hat back in the ring." Yeah, I don't think he was ever interested in what your hat was covering up.

Ben wrestles the huge cake into the kitchen, where Theresa's getting an order ready. She coldly asks him to put some burgers on for him. Ben says that he's just making small talk, and Theresa says that it's typical of him to be a nice guy. Ben promises that he didn't just get back with Theresa because Sara was gone, and that he always wanted to be with Theresa, even when she didn't want to be with him. Theresa sighs that Sara and Ben had real feelings for each other, but finally says she isn't happy -- she knows it isn't fair, but it's how she feels. Ben asks what he can do, and Theresa pouts, "Nothing." At least she doesn't order ben not to talk to Sara, Emily Waltham.

Rummage sale. I swear, I've seen weddings come together faster than this glorified flea market. Marin shuffles through Jack's donations, moping over a copy of Slaughterhouse-Five Lynn inscribed to him: "They were fifteen together!" Mai briskly says that the book is going on the five-cent table, and opens the doors to the bustling crowd. Come one, come all! Chipped coffee mugs and irregular sweaters could be yours!

And then, there is shopping. Annie and Mai are both very bossy. Patrick enters, wanting to take Annie for a walk, but she says that Mai assigned them to take all the unsold merchandise to the dump. Patrick is dismayed, but tries to shake it off, saying that the dump is beautiful this time of year. And in the cold, the rats probably get super-fluffy.

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