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History Lessons

Sara donates her kid's clothes. Marin reminds us that Stuart didn't like her chapter, and though Sara offers to go kick his ass, Marin admits that he was right. There's some comedy with one of Sara's castoff teddies, which...I know these aren't wealthy people, but I really hope no one actually buys lingerie at a rummage sale.

Jack enters to buy back some of his stuff, of course. He sheepishly says he thought he wanted to get rid of his junk, but Marin tells him it's not junk, it's history, which can be good to have around sometimes. She pulls out Minnie's painting and asks Jack if he likes it. Jack identifies the artist, saying she's been painting since he was a kid. Mai appears to scoop the painting out from under Marin's nose (commenting that "outsider art" is a good investment, heh), leaving Jack an opening to offer to take Marin out to Minnie's place to see if she has any more paintings to sell. I'd like to see a very close-up bobcat.

Elsewhere, Sara and Theresa scuffle over a quilt they both want to buy -- it's a metaphor, y'all -- until Ben suffers a medical emergency that conveniently disrupts their catfight.

After commercials, a doctor is checking Ben, saying that he didn't have a heart attack -- it was a rapid heartbeat, probably from stress. The doctor takes off, and Theresa says she'll take Ben home. He reminds her that someone needs to open the bar, and though she says that the Elmonites can live without beer for a few days (disgruntled cough from Jerome), Ben says that the fishing boats are coming in that night, and that Patrick's cake is in the fridge, so Theresa should go open the bar, and he'll drive himself home. "I can do it," says Sara. Theresa looks up sharply, and Sara explains that she'll open the bar. Theresa reluctantly hands off the keys. I love that the bar is considered an essential service of the town.

Jack drives Marin to Minnie, asking her on the way what Stuart said about her chapter. Marin reports his critique, saying it'll be scary for her to expose her feelings to the public. She then adds that she likes Lynn, much as she doesn't want to; she likes how direct Lynn is, but not in a way that means Marin's really saying Lynn's obnoxious. Jack says that Lynn's always been like that, since they were kids. Marin says she gets it -- she kind of hates it, but she gets it.

But we don't get to hear more about what Marin hates, because then we're at Minnie's remote little cabin. Minnie says she doesn't have any more paintings to sell, since they're all packed. She sighs that she wishes Marin had been around when she was trying to make her living as an artist; instead, she says, she had to make her money "the old-fashioned way." Thinking she's found one of Sara's colleagues, Marin's like, "Excuse me?" Jack explains that Minnie owned a fishing boat. Marin feels free to wander into the kitchen and look out the back window, enthusing that it's the view from the painting she loved. Minnie says she painted it right after she finished building the cabin -- with her own two hands, apparently. Marin, overcome, impetuously asks whether the cabin is for sale. "Marin," says Jack warningly. Minnie says that it is for sale, and excitedly goes off to make tea (somewhere...other than the kitchen, I guess) so that they can talk it over. Jack tells Marin that the place is "a mess," but Marin cheerfully says it'll be her mess; she'll fix it up. Oh, this'll be rich. I don't think I'd trust Marin to be able to change a lightbulb.

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