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History Lessons

Dump. Patrick and Annie are throwing junk out the back of a Jeep when Patrick steps into one of Jack's humane traps. Annie freaks out and says she'll go get help. Patrick quickly asks where she's going, and when she says she's headed for the Chieftain, Patrick babbles that she can't go there. Annie says his foot might really be hurt, but Patrick doesn't care, and gets out a few declarations of love before pulling out the ring and proposing. Annie excitedly accepts. Patrick sadly apologizes that the moment is happening at the dump, but Annie squeals, "I love the dump!" She notices that Patrick is crying, and he grunts, "I'm in so much pain." Heh. He begs Annie to go get help, and she takes off. Big day for Dr. Not Fleischman.

Lynn shows up at Jack's, where CCR is playing and a million candles are lit. "You got it back!" she breathes. Jack says, "There's stuff I want to keep." And then they make like they're not fifteen anymore and start actually doing it.

Marin's cleaning the windows on her new cabin when Stuart comes in. She thanks him for coming, and he gives her a gift -- a manual typewriter from the rummage sale. He apologizes for his notes, saying he was too harsh, but Marin tells him not to be fooled by the curls -- she's pretty tough. She says she likes that he told her what he thought, since not many guys do that -- he shouldn't stop. Stuart says he won't, and after a long, meaningful look, he says he has to go. He gives Marin a long kiss on the cheek and heads for the door, telling Marin she needs to get the typewriter fixed, because the period doesn't work. Marin shrugs that it's fine -- she's not ready for her story to have an ending yet. Lord, I thought she was going to say she'd just use exclamation marks everywhere instead -- and I still wouldn't put that past her.

Closing voice-over. Marin starts by quoting Thoreau, on castles in the air and foundations and whatnot. History can be messy, but it can be our foundation (Sara cheerfully works at the Chieftain; Theresa fondles Ben's head in their bed). "You just have to work your way through the mess to find out what matters" (everyone celebrates Annie and Patrick's engagement, including the enormous cake). "To find the pieces of your past you still want to carry with you" (Lynn and Jack are all afterglowy in bed as he asks her to move back in, which apparently brings on Round 2). And if you have the right view, and the right castle, you can build your foundation yourself (Marin works on her laptop, sitting out on the dock at her new house). And why not? Her monthly mortgage payment is probably about 1% what she paid for rent in Gramercy Park.

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