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Did you realize this show is set in Alaska? According to the establishing shots, it's true. The alarm goes off at 8 AM in Marin's room at the Inn, and she smiles as she hears Patrick's voice on the radio, reminding listeners that the station is "the home of The Marin Frist Show." She's less pleased when she hears him go on: "The real Marin Frist show began the day she was born. That's right, folks: Elmo's Frist lady has a birthday coming up next weekend, and you're all invited to celebrate Saturday night at the Chieftain." She springs up in bed, hissing, "What?!" I don't know what it is about this angle, but suddenly her nose looks enormous. And also, we never learn how Patrick found out when Marin's birthday was, but I'll assume it was some online research about her that was only a little Mark David Chapman-y.

Marin rides her bike from the Inn to downtown Elmo, where she runs into Patrick, and immediately starts bleating at him about announcing her birthday. Patrick cheerfully says that it's not like he told the town her age. So here's Marin's latest cockamamie idea about reinventing herself: she's giving up birthdays, along with red meat and diet soda. As if a girl like Marin doesn't go through enough Diet Coke in a day to float a battleship. Patrick informs her that birthdays are a big deal in Elmo, much like Marin herself. She shakes her head, pretend-annoyed and secretly pleased, as Patrick adds that Patrick and Annie are throwing the party, whether Marin likes it or not. They cross paths with Jerome and some other guy, both clearly psyched at the thought of some drinking, possibly partly on someone else's dime. Marin giggles and rides on.

Back at the Inn, Sara comes down the stairs in time to see Patrick getting ready to carry a box upstairs. "New guest?" she asks brightly. Patrick's like, "Uh..." Behind him, of course, is Theresa; she's moving in. Sara and Theresa greet each other awkwardly. Sara offers Theresa a hand with her things, but Theresa, looking tired and wan, declines. Sara, having done her duty by making an insincere offer, hurries toward the front door, in time to greet Marin as "Birthday Girl" as Marin enters and Sara leaves. Marin irritably says that her birthday isn't until the weekend, but can't dwell on her own extremely interesting problems; instead, she has to confront Theresa's stuff and demand to know what it is. Theresa says that she's moving in, for now: "Ben felt it was time." That subject apparently closed, Patrick asks about Marin's ride, and Marin admits that she's getting excited about her birthday; the old Marin would have hated it, but the new Marin is going to embrace it. I'm sure all of Elmo is ever so relieved. Patrick tosses Marin her mail, asking what Old Marin's problem was with birthdays. Oh, Patrick. Old Marin had problems. It's best not to delve if you have anything else to do today beyond hearing about them. With a little huff, Marin says that her younger sister Liza's birthday is the day before Marin's, so the two have shared a birthday almost their whole lives -- ever since Marin was three, anyway, when Liza was "the new baby": "And she's still the new baby. My parents actually still call her 'New Baby.'" So that this party is for Marin alone is exciting for her, and she has the grace to thank Patrick for that. She turns to go, but Patrick stammeringly calls her back: "Hypothetically, if New Baby were here for your birthday, would that be a good thing, a bad thing...?" Marin barely has time to react with a bitter look before the door flies open, and New Baby herself (played by Ever Carradine) is standing there, squealing, "Surpriiiiiiiiise!" Marin turns with a gasp, but covers quickly. Liza really thinks she is something, you can just tell.

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