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After the commercials, Patrick is stomping down the road when Celia pulls up behind him in her cop car, begging him through the bullhorn to let them talk about it. Patrick ignores her, even when she accuses him of breaking up the family. Not sure you really have the moral upper hand here, girlfriend.

At Jack's, Marin paces, wrapped in a plaid throw, checking a clock and expositing that it's midnight. Presently, the door opens, and she panics, dropping to the ground in the hopes of not being seen. Jack enters and busts her: "Sleeping on the floor, Coach?" Marin acts (badly) like his arrival has woken her up, and asks if he had fun. Grinning, Jack replies, "Your sister is something else." Jack heads for bed as Marin looks like he just kicked her in the crotch.

Chieftain. Marin enters, all dolled up in a very pretty '40s-looking polka-dot dress, and a cheer goes up from the crowd. She smiles...for a second, until she gets a look at the banner, which reads, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIN and Liza." Hee. Theresa emerges from the crowd, on crutches, to explain that she and Annie were working on the banner at the Inn, so when Liza saw it, they had to add her name. There's also a mid-explanation inquiry about the crutches, to which Theresa attributes, with an eye-roll, "Your sister's shoes." Anyway, Theresa reminds Marin that the party is hers, and that she's the one everyone's there to see. Marin preens for a second, until some dudes enter, yelling, "New Baby here yet?" Marin frowns. "Almost everybody," Theresa amends. In comes Celia, arms folded, to tear a strip off Marin for causing the loss of Celia's son: "Happy birthday, you fraud!" Marin asks what happened, and Celia's abridged version is "I was honest. And now Patrick hates me." Half-honest is still a kind of "honest," I guess. Celia huffs that Patrick's never going to speak to her again, and as Marin's saying she's sure it's not that bad, Annie comes up with a clipboard, Patrick right behind her, and quavers that Celia's not on the guest list. Ooh, bitchily played, Bachelor. Marin tries to intercede on Celia's behalf, asking what's going on, but Patrick says he'll tell her later: "I don't want to ruin your birthday party by talking about my mom, the lying hussy." Celia gasps and scurries off. Marin deadpans that so far they're doing a great job of not ruining her party. Speaking of which: enter Liza. There's another cheer, which Liza eagerly encourages, and then a chant: "New Baby! New Baby!" Marin turns in horror. Usurper!

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