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Later, Marin's shooting pool with Theresa when Liza flounces over, enthusing, "This is our most adorable birthday party ever." Marin tightly agrees, and then "casually" asks what happened on Liza's date with Jack the previous night. "You've asked me that four times already," says Liza, and Marin shrugs that she wants to know some details, snotting, "Come on, I'm being supportive." Liza evasively says that it was fine, and changes the subject by saying that the party would be improved with a game of Seven Minutes In Heaven. Marin's like, "Yeah, we're grownups, Creepy," but the dudes standing around find the notion appealing, and if you couldn't tell from this point that Marin and Jack were going to end up In Heaven together, talking about Liza, I just don't know how to help you. Anyway, Liza claps, squealing that it'll be fun, and Marin grits that she doesn't want to be the anti-fun at her own birthday party, so Liza asks for takers. Marin turns just in time to see Jack enter, and he says he thinks he'll pass on the kissing game. "Now you're the anti-fun," Marin tells him tartly, and he smiles that he's okay with that.

Later, a bottle is spinning. It points to Jerome, and Marin exposits that this is his last do-over, and tries to wind up the game. Liza protests that Marin hasn't been in the closet yet. "But you have!" Marin tells her. "Twice!" They bicker, and then Ben takes a spin. Of course, it lands on Sara, and of course, Theresa reacts like she just took a shot of cod liver oil. As Ben and Sara head for the closet, Theresa murmurs to Marin that she's leaving. Marin tells her she'll miss the cake, but even the prospect of delicious dessert can't keep her.

Elsewhere, Celia watches Patrick, sitting despondently at the bar. She breathlessly asks Buzz to do her a favour, but he curtly informs her that he won't be spending any time in Heaven with her. She wants him to keep Patrick company, be nice to him: "He needs someone right now, and it's not me." I guess that's the lesson Celia's learned in this episode.

At the bar, Buzz opens by saying that he'd buy Patrick a beer, but the bartender's in the closet. Patrick manages one dry chuckle. Buzz asks how he's doing, and Patrick recaps, "I never knew my father, and I don't want to have anything to do with my mother. Doing super." Well, that is where a lot of people eventually end up as adults, Apron Strings, so don't think it makes you special. Buzz offers to fly Patrick over the crash site, if that wouldn't make him feel even worse. "Do you think things could get any harder?" mumbles Patrick. Buzz says he'll pick Patrick up at noon, and gives him a paternal shoulder-bump to seal it. Ben and Sara emerge from the closet, to cheers, and then it's Marin's turn to spin, and of course it lands on Jack, who's like six feet away from the table, not even playing. Jack tries to beg off, but Marin makes a big show of beckoning him flirtatiously, and he relents. As we all knew he would, because we've seen TV before.

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