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After the commercials, Jack and Marin are in the closet. Either James Tupper is really short, or Anne Heche is standing on a box, because she's wee, and they're practically eye to eye. Anyway, Jack's like, "Are we supposed to kiss?" Marin hisses that she doesn't want to kiss him -- she "just needed to talk to someone." Jack shrugs that it's her party, and she can talk to whomever she wants, but she snaps (all together now!), "No, it's not my party! I wouldn't be playing a kissing game at my party! And I've become this person that I always become around my sister -- this person I don't even like! And I made a resolution!" And then we see that, of course, she didn't just want to talk to "someone," as she grabs Jack by the shoulders and demands to know "what the hell happened last night." Jack, amused, says that nothing happened: "We went to dinner; she met some other guy." And then Jack went home, and we know what happened then. He adds, "Listen, no offense, but Liza -- she isn't really my type." Aw, it's so cute he thinks she'd take offense to that, which is pretty much what Marin says when she laughs a little in relief and tells him, "Thank you for saying that!" She complains that everyone always thinks Liza's more fun than Marin. As soon as she's uttered the words, she drops her head, saying she knows she sounds like a baby. "Old Baby," snickers Jack. Marin gives him that one, but whines that she thought, in Elmo, people would come to her party to see her. The party she didn't want to have, mind you. Jack says that Liza came to see Marin, and spent most of their dinner together saying how much she missed having Marin in New York. Marin is shocked to hear this, and rhetorically asks why family is so complicated. Jack's like, "Um, I think my family story trumps any you might have up your sleeve." They can hear a "Marin! Marin!" chant through the door, which Marin says is her "chocolate chocolate cake." She musses her hair, saying that they should make it look like they made out, and it turns out Jack's down with that plan, as he leans in and kisses her softly. They come apart, and Jack grins that he just wanted it to look convincing. She cracks that he could mess her hair up a little, and he responds by unmoussing his own into a hilarious half-Krusty. Before she can open the door, Jack whispers, "Happy birthday, Coach." Marin blinks, and then they come out... see Ben holding the cake, surrounded by guests. Annie is at his elbow, obviously worried that he's going to drop it, and Liza's beside her, cheerily singing "Happy Birthday" with everyone else. When they get to "Happy birthday, dear Marin," there are scattered "and Liza"s, which she kind of shrugs off, and then the song is over. Marin takes a step to blow out her candles, but of course, Liza's right there, and lustily beats her to it. Ben and Annie kind of start, and Liza disingenuously asks, "Oh no, did you want to do it?" Marin pinchily shakes her head, and as Annie tries to light the candles again, Marin waves her off, saying it's okay.

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