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Even later, the cake's been demolished, the bar's nearly empty, and the Fristers are left alone. Marin brings them each a bottle of beer and asks why Liza didn't want to tell her about her date with Jack. Liza: "Because you would have judged me for meeting some guy by the jukebox, because that's what I do -- I meet guys, and I spent time with them, and you would've judged me." There's no resentment in this speech -- or very little, at least. Marin says, "I don't judge you." "You judge me," says Liza, squinting. Marin admits that she does, a little. Liza adds that she didn't sleep with Jukebox Guy, and Marin doesn't really care, but asks if he even has a name. Liza spreads her hands, like, "Could you just not?" Marin realizes that this is her judging, too, and drops it. Liza asks why Marin didn't say that she was interested in Jack, and Marin lies that she isn't: "We're friends." Liza nods, accepting this. "But he did kiss me in the closet," Marin adds, with some relish. "YAY!" says Liza, practically unhinging her jaw with glee. Marin says she doesn't know if it's "yay"; she doesn't know what she feels about Jack -- or about anyone, since Graham cheated on her. Liza frowns. Marin says that she's the older sister who's supposed to have it all together. Liza: "What am I, the mess who falls in love every twenty minutes?" Instead of being like, "You said it, I didn't," Marin says that she admires that in Liza: "Your belief in love." "You don't believe in love?" bleats Liza. "You write all about it!" "I know, but it scares me," murmurs Marin. She says that there are only two ways love can go, and that one is really painful. Liza confidently says that you can't think about that. Marin chuckles that she can, "all the time." She adds that she was jealous of Liza: "People really like you. You're fun." Liza smiles, flustered, and Marin adds that sharing a party with her always made Marin feel upstaged. "'Upstaged'?" laughs Liza. "Please! You're the successful one, with your books, and your lectures, and I'm the one with two divorces and a pony." Hell, a pony kicks a lecture career in the ASS! If she got a pony, Liza's obviously doing something right. Fellatio, probably. The pony is news to Marin too, but Liza says "Some guy gave it to me," in a tone that suggests that there's a long story associated with it that she doesn't want to tell. Liza concludes, "Birthdays and weddings are pretty much all I have. The rest of the days, you upstage me." Marin says she's glad Liza came to town. Liza says that she is too, adding that when she gets back to New York, she's going to live on her own: "No guys, no help from anyone." Beat. Marin: "You need to stay in my apartment?" Liza smiles sheepishly. I swear, I thought she was about to say she had been for the past month.

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