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Marin's voice-over at the radio station means we're almost out. She starts by saying that it's easier sometimes to take care of strangers than it is the people we love. Buzz's plane is in the air as Marin adds that sometimes the people we love are strangers. In the cockpit, Patrick points and looks to Buzz for confirmation; Buzz nods. As Celia studies a photo of herself with Patrick, Marin says that even though it's hard sometimes, you have to be honest. Marin and Liza have a happy walk on the pier as Radio Marin says that you have to believe not just in love, but in the people you love. On the ground, Patrick and Buzz trudge through the spectacular wreckage of Hal's plane as Marin says that you have to say the things you want to say before the chance disappears forever. As if he'd heard her, Patrick picks a spot in the debris, and as Buzz respectfully looks away, Patrick loudly says, "Hi, Hal. I'm sorry that I never got to know you. There's things that I wanted to tell you. Learn from you. I bet you would've been a great dad -- even though you're not my dad, apparently." At this, Buzz looks up: "He's not?" Patrick starts to say that it's a long story, but can't get it out before he sneezes, three times in quick succession. Buzz says, "Bless you," and comments that he always sneezes in sevens: "Same with my father. And same with my grandfather. It's the weirdest thing." You guys saw where this was going too, right? Yep, Patrick sneezes four more times, and says that he's always sneezed in sevens, too. Buzz frowns. Patrick takes a few more seconds to twig, but before we can see whether he actually figured out that there's more than coincidence at work...blackout. Finally, a meaty storyline for someone other than Marin. Bring it!

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Men In Trees




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