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Chieftain. Several pie plates are sitting out, and Ben is lazily picking at one of them when the phone rings. Okay, I don't know if this is still Thanksgiving Day, but it looks like it's about 3 in the afternoon in New York, which would make it still morning in Alaska, yet dinner is over...LEARN TIME ZONES, WRITERS. Marin is jogging through the park as she asks Ben how the orphans' Thanksgiving is going. Ben says it's fine, and Marin says that she's coming back to Elmo. Ben's like, "Yeah?" Marin says that she thinks she can be back in Elmo by 10 PM. Yeah. SURE YOU CAN. Ben, looking across the bar at Jack, says that's great news. He hangs up and reports to Jack that Marin's on her way back. "How 'bout that?" breathes Jack, still looking a bit drunk.

Marin closes up her apartment, and we return to her letter, in which she tells Miss Frankel she'll be giving up her apartment as of December 1. We watch Liza circling classifieds at an outdoor café as Marin annoyingly recommends that Miss Frankel rent her place to another young girl full of hopes and dreams. And with a wallet full of hundreds and thousands, because that place was, seriously, an eight grand-a-month place, easy. Not including common charges! Marin tells Miss Frankel that New York is the greatest city in the world, like, SHE doesn't need to be told that -- she's staying! We watch Sam and Jane enjoying the greatest city in the world, walking close as he points out sights like a big old rube and Jane pulls his arm down. Hee. Marin flags down a cab as her letter says that she has somewhere else to be right now: "I don't expect you to understand, but sometimes you have to do the unexpected thing -- the thing that just feels right." Marin tells her cabbie she's going to JFK. "Going home?" he asks. Marin says she thinks so: "There's this guy -- I need to tell him that I might be in love with him." The cabbie's like, "Save it, Crackers."

Pier. Jack runs up to meet a prop plane -- despite the storm that kept Annie from going home, hello -- and we see a pair of legs in tidy black pants and the hem of a bright-coloured coat, but that's not Marin stepping onto the pier! It's Mallory Keaton! Or, "Lynn," as a totally shocked Jack manages to exhale. Lynn says hi, and steps forward to give Jack a hug, because -- poor sucker -- she mistakenly thinks he's there for her. Jack returns the hug as we hear Marin wrapping up her letter to Miss Frankel, and see that Lynn has "Jack" tattooed across the back of her right wrist. She wishes Jack a happy Thanksgiving. Jack's response is to furrow his brow like a mofo and try to turn Lynn into Marin with the power of his wine breath alone. "to be continued...," we are promised. I so wish we had ended with a shot of Miss Frankel reading Marin's letter, all, "Damn, 4E, who asked for your life story?"

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