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New York. Marin walks by a newsstand and gets excited to see that the New Yorker issue with her story in it is still for sale, but the thrill is short-lived as the next issue unceremoniously gets slotted in front of it. She turns to see a display of electric fans in a nearby store window ( November...IN NEW YORK), and flashes back to the first time she had sex with Jack during the heat wave. Bumping into a "typical" "rude" TV New Yorker snaps her out of it.

Too bad for us, because instead of more hot scenes of sex involving Jack, the next thing we see is Jane and Marin at some lame-looking party, which Jane has decided to attend in a lame-looking updo. Soon, they're accosted by Sucky and Schmucky, who breathlessly tell Marin that they were going to try to woo her with "Please Sign With Us" cupcakes, but then thought maybe she didn't like cupcakes, as if that has ever been true of anyone ever. Jane and Marin sort of stare back blankly, and Sucky and Schmucky are like, "You signed with someone else." Jane and Marin say they didn't, so Sucky and Schmucky take off in order not to look too needy. Marin and Jane head for the bar, where Marin starts babbling that it's really loud in there, because she's the dove, in case you didn't get it. Then her shell bracelet flies off her wrist and she gets in a frenzy trying to recover it as it gets kicked around the room, finally ending up at Stuart's feet. He condescendingly tells her to "breathe," but it's too late; Marin hauls ass out of there like a baby.

Celia's/Jack's. Annie's getting ready to leave the office, and stops by Jack's desk to give him final instructions. He assures her that he'll be fine, but she anxiously says she doesn't like to think of him being alone at Thanksgiving, and would prefer it if Marin were there with him. Jack is enough of a gentleman not to bitch about Marin's betrayal to Annie, who goes on to list all the things about Marin she misses, and then say she hates to think of Jack having nothing to eat on the big day but a single-serving can of tomato soup. Jack's like, "She wrote about that in the article, didn't she," and Annie confirms that she did, but before they can get into it, Buzz enters. Annie quaveringly tells him that she's ready to fly tonight, but Buzz tells her that he won't be flying; there's a storm coming that will keep her in Elmo. Yes, I believe it's Hurricane Contrivance.

Chieftain, after hours. In the kitchen, Ben and Theresa chummily prepare the orphans' Thanksgiving. Ben pours wine, pointedly saying that he was saving it for their fifth anniversary, which tidbit Theresa greets with a rueful smile. She asks if they have to make creamed onions, and Ben says they do -- those, and garlic mashed potatoes, and spinach salad, and sausage stuffing. Man, why isn't there a Thanksgiving theme restaurant somewhere? That sounds awesome. Theresa says that this dinner beats the hell out of the ones she had growing up. Ben asks if that's because she can get drunk while cooking it, and she says there's that, plus some exposition about spending childhood in foster care. Ben assures her that orphans' Thanksgiving will never change; he and Theresa may not still be married, but they'll be creaming onions together until the end of time. That sounds a lot dirtier than it actually is, doesn't it?

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