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New York Fiction, Part I

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Celia's/Jack's. Jack pulls the New Yorker out of his desk. He flashes back to Marin asking him to read it, and himself dumping it in the fire, and in the now, he opens the magazine and starts reading. Way to be a grownup, finally.

Inn. On the porch, Patrick tells Annie he knows it's sad that she didn't get to go see her family, but maybe she should just think of the people inside as her family for today. Annie grins and agrees, and they enter. As soon as Patrick is inside, both Celia and Mai fucking pounce on him, each clearly wanting to be more loved than the other. They both squeal all over the wee little pie he's brought, and then he exchanges manly greetings with Buzz, and all head for the dining room...except Annie, totally ignored by everyone. Patrick remembers she's there before he's actually left the room, but the damage is already done. And I bet he didn't even make that pie, either.

Chieftain. Theresa and Ben flirt over the orphans' dinner, set out buffet-style. Jack shows up with wine, asking if there's room for one more. Ben says he thought Jack wanted to be alone, but Jack says that being alone is "overrated." Theresa, on cue, gives him a sympathetic moué, and then a big hug. But those clearly aren't the boobs he wants pressed up against him.

Inn. Annie looks on sadly while all the parents fuss over Patrick. You guys, he's twenty-six. The novelty hasn't worn off yet?

Diner. The girls are listing New York's pros, including five-star restaurants and "cabs, when you're drunk." And diners, frankly. I don't care how much they run down this place; even a crappy diner can reliably make a delicious grilled cheese, fries, and super-syrupy fountain Coke.

Chieftain. The orphans toast.

Inn. Annie is charged with taking a picture of the family no one wants to include her in.

Chieftain. Theresa brings the turkey carcass over to Ben, saying that Jerome has offered to cut more meat. Ben says that Jerome can either drink, or use the electric knife, and Theresa cracks up. She heads for the kitchen, and Jack rolls up, commenting to Ben that he and Theresa make a good team. Ben, pouring another glass of wine, says that he's pretty drunk, so he's just going to be honest. Jack slurs that he's pretty drunk too, so he may not remember what Ben tells him anyway. Thus encouraged, an only slightly Dean Martinized Ben blurts, "I'm still in love with her." Theresa comes into view behind them in the kitchen doorway as Jack asks if that's why Ben didn't go to Seattle for the holiday, and Ben soulfully says, "I don't want her to be alone." Theresa looks up sharply at this, because it's TV, and therefore she didn't hear the first thing Ben said. Anyway, Jack says that he's a stubborn ass. "Yeah?" says Ben conversationally. Hee. Jack says that he let "a pretty amazing woman" (eh) walk out of his life. "You finally read it," says Ben softly. Jack, looking like he's about to cry, says he did: "She got me, you know? I mean, I didn't have to say everything to her for her to get me." Also, Jack, you're not nearly as complex as you think you are. Jack adds that he's probably just being sentimental because it's Thanksgiving, but fellow softie Ben isn't letting him shrug it off, and hands over a sheet of paper with Marin's cell-phone number on it, ordering Jack, "Call her." Jack might actually be too drunk to remember how to use a phone.

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