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Fetus To The Wolves

We resume where we left off: with a gobsmacked Jack staring in shock at the return of the prodigal Lynn. He manages to ask her what she's doing there. She's totally casual and breezy and apparently has no remorse or guilt or feelings about leaving Jack and ruining him for all other women, and shrugs that she wanted to come home, and Jack knows how she loves Thanksgiving. She exposits that she got the last flight to Elmo, all the others having been cancelled due to the weather. Lynn finally asks the obvious question of what Jack's doing there, and Jack stammers that he thought something was coming for him on the plane. Lynn obliviously asks whether he wants her to check with the pilot, but Jack says no. Lynn says she's going to go to the Chieftain and get something to eat (of the meal they finished eating like ten hours ago), and -- as casually and breezily as ever -- tells Jack to come with her so they can catch up. Does Lynn...know who she is?

From an anonymous hotel exterior, we cut to Marin, calling Jane from a pay phone inside. She's stuck in Seattle, having missed her connection, and accidentally checked her cell phone (with Jack's message on it, still unheard) in luggage that hasn't arrived with her. Jane urges Marin to call Jack and tell her how she feels, but Marin reminds Jane that Jack doesn't have a cell phone, besides which "it's not the same to say those things over the phone." Jane reassuringly says that Marin can tell him when she gets back to Elmo the next day. Marin asks if Jane thinks it'll be okay, and Jane promises that nothing ever changes in Elmo. Dramatic Irony Alert! Sam, in bed beside Jane, groans that he heard that. There's some business with Marin congratulating Jane for getting her swerve on with Sam, and they hang up. Sam asks what's new with Jack and Marin, anxiously saying -- like a true, gossipy Elmonite -- that he doesn't want to be out of the loop, but Jane effectively distracts him by getting to third.

Chieftain. Everyone's dinner having concluded hours and hours earlier, the whole town of Elmo's doing the usual -- standing around, drinking, and shooting pool -- when Jack enters. Seeing him, Ben cheers, "Where's our girl?" Right on cue, Lynn enters behind Jack, and Ben backpedals, "Hey! Our...girl Lynn is here!" Lynn has hugs for Ben, and for Theresa, the latter of whom was evidently close to Lynn before Lynn skipped town. Theresa asks if Lynn is back, but she replies that she's just come to get some of her stuff, and is moving to Vancouver. Theresa sadly says that she thought Lynn was going to travel the world, but Lynn cheerfully (and mysteriously) says that her plans changed. She asks whether there's any dinner left, and Ben produces a foil-covered plate with "MARIN" Sharpied across it. And it's just that easy to be replaced in Elmo. Lynn settles down at the bar, asking, "Who's Marr-Rin?" Jerome says that she's a relationship coach. Lynn says that she can't wait to meet Marin, and Jerome cracks, "You two have a lot in common." Jack shuts him up with a look, and tells Lynn that Marin's out of town. Lynn asks if it's okay for her to eat Marin's leftovers, and everyone looks around shiftily, thinking of both the literal and figurative significance, until Jack finally tells Lynn to go ahead. Lynn asks Buzz what's new, and he tells her about Patrick, in case we'd forgotten. Theresa says she'll catch Lynn up, and pulls up a stool to give her the heavily edited version.

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