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New York Fiction, Part II

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Fetus To The Wolves

Mai's. Theresa shows up to buy back her engagement ring. Mai asks whether her change of heart is due to her remembering that she was married to a millionaire (heh), and Theresa says that she had a hard time accepting Ben's ring in the first place, but that she wants to show him that she loves him. Mai starts futzing around in a cabinet, chirping that she never thought that ring was right for Theresa, but could show her something more chunky. Once her back is turned, Theresa dully guesses, "You don't have the ring anymore, do you?" "Nope, just sold it online," says Mai blithely. Ha! Mai tells her, though, that the ring is just a symbol to let the world know she's married, and that maybe Theresa needs to think what it will take for her to know that she is. She also tries to offload a hideous vase, but Theresa's no longer in a shopping mood, apparently.

Jack's house. Jack appears in the kitchen to find Lynn wrapping breakables in paper, trying to ingratiate herself by saying that she made coffee. Jack doesn't really seem to want any of her joe, and after she thanks him for letting her sleep on his couch the night before, Lynn finally seems to appreciate the situation, saying that she knows it's "funky." "'Funky'?" says Jack contemptuously. Lynn promises that she'll be gone soon, and as he makes to leave, she remembers to tell him that Marin was there. Jack manages not to click his heels in excitement, and takes off.

In New York, Sam and Jane are taking a walk, on streets remarkably unmobbed for Black Friday. Possibly because it's really September, and they're in Gastown, but anyway. Jane enthuses that New York in autumn is perfect, but that if he were there in summer when the A/C is broken, he'd get a very different impression. Sam asks if that means she's inviting him back, but before they can follow up on this question, Jane runs into a friend, Margery. They blah about some book party that's coming up. Sam goes to put his hand on Jane's hip, but she actually slaps it away. Margery finally notices Sam, and gives Jane a look like, "Who's the beefcake?" Jane ignores the look, and Sam introduces himself, taking off his glove to shake. Jane ends the encounter in a hurry, and once she and Sam have turned their backs, we see Margery appraising Sam from behind and apparently not finding him lacking. Sam asks Jane, "What was that?" Jane awkwardly apologizes for the "work talk," but Sam explains that he wants to know why Jane didn't introduce him. Jane waves off the question, saying that he'll probably never see Margery again, and that, for the week that he's in town, she wants to keep Sam all to herself. Man, and just when they'd bonded over her smut, too. Trouble in urban paradise!

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