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Classic TV Cliché Alert! Theresa washes dishes at the Chieftain, and since we saw her put her ring back on earlier, we know all too well that she's going to lose it down the drain. Ben walks in, and she lies that it's just a slow drain. Once he leaves the room again, the ring is gone. Gone!

Doctor's office. Buzz has cataracts. He's going to be totally fine. Phew.

New York. Jane is getting ready to go out to this work party. Sam picks up the invitation and says that he'll go get dressed. Jane briskly tells him not to; the party will be boring, and he doesn't have to go. She's just going to make an appearance, and then she'll come home and they'll order in Chinese food. Sam, getting kind of pissed, says that he flew across the country (two, to be precise) because he thought she was so awesome, and she doesn't even want to introduce him to her friends. She tries to wave that off, but he reminds her about Margery. Jane dismissively says that Margery is no one he need be concerned about -- she's a closet Republican! Ew, gross! Sam asks, then, why Jane isn't going to take him to the party, and Jane reluctantly says that she doesn't think he'll fit in with the people who'll be attending: "They're horrible! I know, I'm one of them." Sam pouts that he's like her romance novels: "I'm the dirty secret you hide in your apartment." Jane has no response to all the truth Sam's laying down on her, so she just stammers that she's late. Sam pouts. It's okay, Sam. You can just withhold sex. Other housewives have been doing it for years.

Hospital. Marin hands Lynn off to a nurse in the ER. As she's wheeled away, Lynn calls back to Marin, asking her to call Jack. "And tell him what?" Marin calls back. Explosive herpes?

Inn. Annie enters, with a pie. She promises Patrick, who's sitting at the desk, that she won't hit him with it. Setting it down on the desk, she says she's sorry: "I want to fight again!" Patrick looks miserable as he tells her he had the whole thing planned out, with the first pie: she was supposed to cut into the first slice and find the ring; he was going to make sure she didn't accidentally eat it. Annie enthusiastically says that sounds beautiful, and tells him they can do it now: "I'll be surprised, I swear!" Patrick tells her that he doesn't have the ring anymore. "You...don't?" says Annie, getting inkling of how much she's fucked everything up. Patrick tells her that when they had a fight, her instinct was to break up, while his was to give her a ring; he thinks her instinct was right. Ouch. Annie, devastated, runs out into the night.

Chieftain. Ben decided to try to fix the sink after he saw Theresa having problems with it earlier, and has found her ring. She literally breathes a sigh of relief at the sight of it. Ben asks if she's wearing it again, and she coyly says that she was trying it on for size. She comments that she hadn't worn it in a long time, and Ben exposits that he was just glad to have been able to get it on her in the first place, after she'd turned down his proposal twice. Theresa meaningfully says, "I'm ready to try and [sic] be the person you saw in me." Ben replies, "That new person shouldn't wear that old ring." Theresa says she wanted to show him that she really means yes. Ben jokes that they can call it "a really strong 'maybe.'" She chuckles, and he tells her to get rid of the ring -- she can sell it to Mai or something. She relents, putting it in her pocket.

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