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Fetus To The Wolves

Boring book party. Margery winds up an anecdote with a queer "Obama/Osama" punchline. Jane laughs fakely and wanders away, calling Sam at her apartment. He asks what she's doing, and she says that the party sucks. He asks if she's leaving, but she tells him that she wants him to come, since the party needs "someone real" -- because that's not too condescending. Still, Sam is touched, and says he's on his way.

Mai brings Buzz home, post-cataracts surgery. She helps him in -- he's still wearing those huge-ass old-man sunglasses, of course -- and he asks her to bring him a beer. She tartly tells him that if he can find the fridge when he's blacked out, he should be able to find it with his sunglasses on. Buzz complains that she's not giving him any special treatment after his surgery, and she tells him he's not an invalid. Buzz tells her he's not the man she married, either. Mai tells him that she's getting old, too, and isn't all that psyched to have him see her clearly for the first time in who knows how long. Buzz, tickled, asks whether she's really worried about that, and she admits, "Well, no. I have many beauty secrets and I look fabulous." Hee! She tells him she may be less secure in the years to come, though, but tells him she doesn't want to go back in time; she likes what they have now. Buzz antsily says that he needs to get back into his plane, but Mai stops him. Might be easier to stop him with a beer.

Hospital. Jack finds Marin in the waiting room, and gruffly asks what's wrong. Marin says that Lynn should tell him, but Jack urgently tells Marin that she needs to. After a moment, Marin relents: "She's pregnant." "No," says Jack, horrified. "No. She doesn't look--" "It's early," says Marin, explaining how pregnancy to THE BIOLOGIST. But it turns out he did know how pregnancy works; he just needed reassurance that Lynn wasn't pregnant with his baby. Once he has it, he staggers into a chair, staring straight ahead. Marin, standing next to him, tells Jack she doesn't know what to say. He doesn't either. She asks if he wants her to stay. He does. And she decides the best way to reassure him is to sit down twelve miles away from him.

Inn. Patrick eats Annie's pie (LITERALLY, sickos) in front of an old movie. Theresa comes in, eagerly takes a forkful, and tells him how good it is. Patrick pouts that "it tastes like broken dreams." Really? I would have guessed blueberry. After a moment, she produces the ring. Patrick tells her he doesn't need it anymore, but Theresa insists, telling him, "You'd be surprised how things can change." In just four days. When you've missed your connection. Etc.

Hospital. Lynn walks out to the waiting room, looking rough. Jack walks up to meet her, and she starts crying, telling him, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." He hugs her and cradles her head, while back on the couch, Marin studies her hands, tasting broken dreams of her own. Thanks a lot, anonymous dude who knocked up Lynn. Anyway: Lynn cries that she was scared, and Jack says she'll be okay. "What am I going to do?" sobs Lynn. Jack, making her look at him, tells her, "We'll figure something out." Marin's like, "Awesome, now they're a 'we.'" After a moment, she gets up and walks out, leaving the new family to sort itself out.

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