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Nice Girls Finish Frist

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Nice Girls Finish Frist

Marin drives up to her house, a tray of takeout coffee and a couple of clear plastic bakery boxes beside her. Because Elmo totally has a place that sells takeout coffee and fresh(-ish) pastry. But whatever: she pulls up at her house, where a couple of vehicles are already parked. The rest is a complete ripoff of Music Of The Heart, not that anyone on earth knows that except me and Wes Craven; even Meryl Streep has forgotten about that shit. The idea is that, as a female homeowner, Marin is so worried about making sure the guys in her construction crew like her that she spends too much effort bringing them treats and acting like everything's cool, and too little making sure they actually do work. Like, today, the house is in shambles, and the dudes are sitting out back, playing cards, and Marin just asks them nicely to unclog the chimney, leaves them their continental breakfast, and flits off. Way to crack the whip, Coach.

Buzz's. George and Buzz are reconnecting, with only a trace of awkwardness; George doesn't think they should be estranged anymore, now that he's grown up. Patrick enters with Mai, who fusses warmly all over George, who seems tickled by her, as most gay men would be. Every day with her is like a tiny Cher concert.

Chieftain. Jerome exposits, by way of giving Ben shit, that Theresa will be throwing a baby shower at Ben's. Jerome doesn't want to go, because he thinks it will be ridden with talk of diapers and lady parts, and says he thought baby showers were for ladies anyway. Lynn says that if she didn't make the event co-ed, it would just be four women, and you know how that ends: two have a pillow fight, one drinks all the booze, and the last one ends up with an eating disorder.

Port of Elmo. Jane enjoys the morning from the deck of Sam's boat; he brings her coffee, and exposits that she's set to leave the next day. Both agree that she's had a great visit, and then it dawns on her that she doesn't need to go to her office to work; she's "a walking wireless device." And then, to celebrate that she'll be staying in Elmo for another week, there is canoodling.

Chieftain. Jane rejoices that she and Marin can have drinks after work, and that they'll get so much more done once they're in the same time zone. Marin says that at least one area of her life will be productive: she loudly bitches about her crappy contractors. Theresa comments that Marin isn't much of a taskmaster; she's had Theresa making burgers for her crew all week. She defends that she's just trying to be nice, and that her guys are being rude. "Maybe that's your problem," says some dude down the bar, playing chess with Sara. Marin's like, "Who the hell are you, punk?" He says his name is Cash. "Short for 'Cassius'!" chirps Sara. Heh. Cash basically reads Marin's beads for her, much as I did above: she's nice when she should be bossy. Sara tells Marin not to listen to Cash, since he lives in a tent. Cash corrects her that it's a portable home. Marin says that she's just trying to be nice. Cash is like, "Where does that get you?" "Where does being rude get you?" snaps Marin. Anyway, she's not about to take any advice from a drifter, though. And frankly, Cash isn't really selling said advice with Scott Elrod's shitty acting.

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