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At the Chieftain, Marin asks Theresa for cigarettes and is told they come in on the ferry once a month, and that once they've run out, the alternative is chaw. Marin says that she's not that desperate, though she wisely adds a "yet." Heh. Marin bravados that she "can't stand guys," and Theresa exposits that she came to the wrong town, then: "The ratio's, like, ten to one here." "So men run the place," says Marin. "Are you kidding?" says Theresa. "We're the ones with the power. They're lonely, we're the prize. It's like shootin' fish in a barrel." Marin cracks that during all those years she was telling women to go to sports bars, she should have advised them to go to Alaska. "The odds are good, but the goods are odd," replies Theresa, looking a little embarrassed to trot out that hoary old line. Marin chuckles as she looks around and, spotting Ben, says that he seems nice, and "very into" Theresa. She tells Marin that they're separated; Ben wants to get back together, but Theresa wants "to see what else is out there." My advice? Start with Jerome. "So up here, women get to be men," Marin surmises. "Everyone gets to be who they want to be," says Theresa simply. Marin looks like she likes the sound of that.

Later, Marin walks along the road, until she thumbs a ride off a super-sketchy-looking dude; she tells him she's headed wherever she can get a cigarette.

In the truck, the driver gets all spiritual. Oh, great: because he's a First Nations character on TV, he has to go on about "our ancestors" in the stars: "If you don't believe, you'll end up like the frozen girl. She kept walking -- never looked up. They found her body frozen to death on Knock-Kneed Mountain, three hundred years old. Alone. No teeth. Fat." "She was still fat after three hundred years?" Marin marvels. "That's how fat she was," replies Magical First Nations Man. Guess you'd better get yourself a spinning bike, Mar.

The guy drops Marin off at a gas station, where a vending machine holds one pack of cigarettes that somehow doesn't get stuck on a spring on its way down, even though it's TV.

Marin walks out a ways to light her first butt, but is soon hailed by Jack, shining a flashlight at her: "Stop! STOP!" "Trust me, I've tried," crabs Marin. Heh. But, no: she's walked out onto a frozen lake, which cracks under her weight.

After the break, Jack has hauled Marin from the icy depths and brought her to his little...shack. Thanks for sparing us the cliché of watching the actual rescue, show. No -- seriously! Thank you! Jack asks whether Marin didn't see the "Thin Ice" sign (and I would think she would have taken notice of it if just to use in her lectures -- that's a new one, and with so many metaphoric possibilities!). She shivers that she didn't, adding, "Seeing signs? Not my strong suit." Marin asks where they are, and is told it's an observation hut; Jack was looking for a nocturnal bear: "Instead, I found a 'relationship coach.'" He's so sarcastic, he can even put air quotes around her job title without moving his hands. Well done! Marin despondently realizes that her mishap has ruined her cigarettes, and sorts of laughs as she says she's cold. Jack says she's getting hypothermic, but that it's too dark to walk across the ice. The only way they're going to make it through the night is...yes, that other care-worn TV cliché.

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