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At the Inn, Annie and Patrick compare their results on a quiz in Marin's book. Surprise! They're compatible. Lord, she is tiresome.

Marin wads up her gown in the basket of the Inn's bike as MVO says that the truest thing she knows about relationships is that she doesn't know anything. Well, that's a fact.

At the bookstore, Sara picks up a copy of Marin's book. Outside, Marin, rides by.

At the Chieftain, Theresa shares a fond smile with Ben as MVO says you can't always get the one you want.

In New York, Graham lies guiltily next to Kiki in bed as MVO says the one you get might not be the right one.

Marin rides past a car lot as MVO says that if you have hope, the universe will tell you exactly what you need: "The challenge is to let yourself be alone until the right one shows up."

Jack closes the blinds in his bedroom (oh my god, we have the same bed frame!), doffs his shirt, and sits on the bed as MVO says you can't hide, and the camera zooms in on "LYNN" tattooed on Jack's right arm.

A photo of a cute little boy from the past, pinned to the dash (or whatever) in Buzz's plane, takes us to Marin's view that heartbreak sucks, but that not having heartbreak (cut to lonely careerist Jane, tucking her Bluetooth earpiece into her bag) sucks more.

MVO takes it home just as Marin makes it back to the cliff she almost fell off some indeterminate number of days earlier: "The answers aren't in a lecture or a book. But maybe if you get yourself happy, you'll find the right one. I believe this, because against all odds, I'm still an optimist." Marin pulls the ball of gown out of the bike basket and hurls it off the cliff. We briefly watch it tumble down. It was the kindest thing for it.

"That's the thing about love," says MVO, as Marin gets into a used truck she's just bought, and improbably drives it off the lot. Okay, it's a jerky drive, and it looks like she almost stalls it a couple of times, but still. She got her license already? And if not, they let her drive a car away without one? Alaska is the new Deadwood. "If it were that easy, everyone would have it," Marin concludes. (About love. Not a driver's license.)

"So you're saying I should be more optimistic?" asks a male voice. Cut to Marin with cans on her ears. She finally made it down to Patrick's radio show. I hope she's Marin In The Afternoon; she seems kind of crabby in the mornings. "I'm saying you should ask her out," Marin counsels her caller, who thanks her. She takes off the headphones, but Patrick tells her she has callers on Lines 2 through 20 -- the most ever. Well, no kidding; the dudes are probably just hoping she'll start talking about what she's wearing. And I'd be interested in that too, because it's probably something cute.

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