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Take It Like A Man

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Take It Like A Man

Marin aggressively plays ping-pong with Patrick. At the Chieftain, she slides a beer down the bar to Jerome. In Buzz's plane, he gives her the controls. Marin is doing dudely things. This montage wanted you to know.

Sometime later, Marin shoots pool with Jack, excitedly telling him that she was flying the plane. Jack tries to shut her up, saying he needs to concentrate, and then misses his shot, for which she briefly taunts him. Of course, she nails her next shot, and her she-nis grows three sizes as he pays up on their bet. Jack asks that they go 2 out of 3, and she happily agrees. This segues to the episode's main topic: Marin's research into the differences between men and women has led her to conclude that she makes a pretty good man -- or at least, she's a guy's girl. She points to all the skills we saw montaged at the top of the hour, but Jack isn't so sure she's come completely over to the dude side. He seems to think that women are obsessive, whereas men hang back and test the waters. Apparently, he's never seen Glark engrossed in a fifteen-hour Counterstrike marathon. Jack adds that Marin still dresses like a girl, and smells like one. Marin dismissively asks whether he's trying to say she smells like flowers. "With a hint of vodka," he adds. Heh. He tells her that it's not a bad thing for her to be girly, to which she responds by whipping out her big balls and going to the bar, gloating that Jack's buying.

At said bar, Marin runs into Sam and Jane, the latter of whom asks if she's winning. Marin gloats that she is, and that it's killing Jack, because men hate to lose -- especially to girls. "Stereotype," coughs Ben. Sam says that there are some things men are just better at. "You did not just say that," says Jane tartly, and Sam immediately backs off. Marin reminds us again about her research, and Jane tells Marin to make sure she doesn't "become one of them," quickly covering to Ben and Jerome that she isn't saying they're not lovely people. Wise, Jane: always keep the millionaire on your side.

Jack's/Celia's. Jack returns from the Chieftain grumbling to Annie that he lost to a girl. Heh. Annie has something she thinks will cheer him up, though: a book of baby names, already festooned with Post-It flags. Flipping through it, Jack asks whether the highlighted names are Annie's favourites, but she quickly corrects him, saying that those are the ones that will get kids mocked. "'Alice'?" asks Jack dubiously. "'Malice.' 'Callous.' 'Phallus.'" Jack comments that Annie's good at coming up with mean nicknames, and Annie thanks him very gravely, explaining that she was "Stinky Fanny Annie" back in the day. Hee! Jack says that he thinks it's too early for them to start thinking about baby names, but Annie reminds him that Lynn's five months along (er, not from what I could see when she had a tank top on in the last episode), and that she herself was "Baby Girl O'Donnell" for the first three weeks of her life: "You don't want to leave little Boy or Girl Slattery out in the cold, do you? Or...whatever Lynn's last name is?" Lynn Tolerable? Lynn Corrigible? Lynn Flammable!

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