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Take It Like A Man

Sam's. Jane and Sam are snuggling in bed when he compliments her on smelling better than his lunch (which is only a nice compliment if you know for sure he didn't have liverwurst). She tells him it's her honey/mango moisturizer: "You know about moisturizer, don't you?" He tells her he wasn't born yesterday, and that when his skin gets "all torn up" when he's out on the plow, he softens up with petroleum jelly. Jane, horrified, tells him that'll murder his pores, and slathers his face with a little of her moisturizer. They strike a deal: if he'll teach her about life on a boat, she'll teach him the secrets of "soft, supple skin." He swears her to secrecy, and she agrees, though as they shake on it, she can't help noticing that he could use a cuticle softener. Oh, dude, who couldn't? I have to look away when they work on mine at the nail shop.

Multipurpose hall. Buzz is picking up his mail when Patrick comes in, asking him for a lift to Anchorage so he can go to a sperm bank. Buzz kindly explains that he doesn't have to go to a sperm bank if he wants to have a baby with Annie, and that Celia really should have explained all that to him. Hee! Patrick knows: it's about a donation. Buzz says that if he's really that hard up for money, Patrick should come up with another source of revenue and not "man up all over the place." Ha! But what really happened is that Patrick once sold a sperm sample in college, and now that he and Annie are talking about having kids, he doesn't want his action to be available to other potential parents. Buzz agrees to take Patrick to Anchorage the next day, thus sparing the world any more dorks with...that hair.

Marin enters as Buzz and Patrick are hugging it out, and gets right to the radio show. Topic? The man/woman divide. Patrick thinks there are vast biological differences; Marin's not so sure it isn't just a mindset. What makes a man? Extra hair seems to be part of it.

At Jack's, I guess we're supposed to think several months have passed, because Lynn's belly is out to here, whereas it was completely flat in the last episode, when Jane told us she was going to be in Elmo for two weeks. OKAY, WHATEVER. Anyway, Lynn likes "Michael" for a boy, or "Isabella" for a girl. She calls Jack out for ignoring her (though he was at least half-listening, since he correctly repeats the names she likes), and then tells him she has a doctor's appointment the next day, and that he could come (instead of Theresa, already lined up to accompany her) and meet the doctor. Jack pleads overwork, and Lynn says it's okay and trudges over to the couch to stare balefully at Jack's back and muse about how much warmer she would be right now if she had gone to Vancouver.

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