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Take It Like A Man

Something good happens on the TV, and Stuart and Marin high-five on it. Stuart then pulls her in for a quick kiss, and she kind of giggles and lets it sink in, and then they both realize that was hot and start making out for reals. Stuart fairly quickly breaks it off, seriously telling Marin that he wants to be honest with her. She guesses that he's about to tell her he's married, but nay: because his life is too crazy for a complicated relationship, he sees a bunch of ladies. He doesn't say it's as many as a passel, but makes it seem like it could be. He asks if Marin's okay with having a no-strings hookup, and Marin shrugs, "Who needs strings?" The Dude abides.

After commercials, we pan over from a big "Carpe Diem" over a fireplace to Marin, alone in bed. She rouses herself to see Stuart, berobed and next to a room-service tray of breakfast. He brings her some coffee and says he might be able to meet her in a few weeks, in Chicago. Marin tells him it's not necessary; they've "agreed on what this is." Both agree that it was fun, and then Marin goes off to shave her balls.

Inn. Patrick and Annie eat dinner, Patrick enthusing over the chicken and asking what makes it so good. She coyly teases that it's a family secret she won't tell, but Patrick flips out, saying that there shouldn't be anything they can't tell each other, and blurts that he can't have kids. Annie's face falls as Patrick chokes that he knows she wants kids, so he's giving her to opportunity to go find someone else to have kids with. He gets up to flail out of there, but Annie long-windedly explains that he's the guy, and that she doesn't want the house or the kids unless it's with Patrick. Aw, it's one of the episodes where they're mostly cute!

Port of Elmo. Jane ties the boat to the dock. Sam checks her knot, saying that it's a bit loose, but that she's getting better. She returns the compliment, referring to his manicure. He takes off to work; she'll be working on the boat. Not working on the boat, but working, on manuscripts, while physically located on the boat. And presumably not flushing any of the really crappy chapters down the head.

Chieftain. Marin strolls in, evasively explaining away her absence as "research," and orders a glass of white wine and a house salad. Great, she's back to being all queer and girly. As Ben pours, Marin checks her phone; no messages. She asks how he feels about sex without strings; both Ben and Jerome are firmly in the pro camp, and guess that she's asking in relation to her whereabouts the previous night. She tries to demur, but when the goad her by reminding her that she's a guy's girl, she admits that she was "conducting research without strings...going with the flow." Though she clearly enjoys all the male approbation of her carrying-on, she says she shouldn't be discussing it with dudes. Ben tells her to talk to a chick, then, and asks where Jane is. But Marin doesn't know!

Well, Jane's asleep on Sam's boat. And Sam's boat is floating, unmoored, in the middle of a large body of water. The sound of seagulls wakes Jane, who runs out to the deck, gets a load of her predicament, and starts calling for help. The seagulls are not forthcoming.

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