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Take It Like A Man

Radio station. Marin's trying not to be judgmental about her caller, who informs her that he waited a week to call a woman after sleeping with her because he had to remember her name, when another call comes in from "Susie, from parts unknown," who'd rather speak to Marin off the air. Marin urges Susie to share with the audience, so Patrick puts the call through: "I need to be rescued." "Jane?" squeaks Marin. Jane informs her of the situation, though she can't be very helpful in her own cause, since she has no clue where she is. Marin says she'll call the Coast Guard, but Jane tells her not to, because then Sam will know what happened. She begs Marin to come find her, somehow, and not to tell Sam. Oh, Lucy.

Jack's. The man himself is cutting up vegetables when Lynn enters, and asks straight-up whether Jack has a problem with her having another man's baby. Jack defensively non-answers that he never said that, but Lynn says he didn't have to. Jack even more defensively says, "I'm with you," and Lynn replies by asking whether he's "with the baby." She says that he can be mad at her, or at the absent, oblivious father, but that he can't be mad at the baby. "The boy is blameless," as Niobe said. You know, right before her suicide. Jack stares into space for twenty minutes.

Marin, on her borrowed boat, has somehow located Jane. The captain of Marin's boat throws a line out to Jane, ordering her to tie a bollard. Jane hesitates for a second, but then rises to the occasion and pulls it off. Or, puts it on. The...pole or whatever. Look, you get the point.

Port of Elmo. Jane ties up Sam's boat, declaring this day of doing man's work to be over. She notices Marin surreptitiously checking her messages and guesses that Stuart and Marin slept together. Marin doesn't deny it, but says that it was only a day ago, and that they had a no-strings arrangement. Jane further guesses that Marin likes Stuart, and tells her that she doesn't have to be okay with things the way they are. Marin, smiling bravely, says she knows, but as she walks off, her face falls. You know, I can understand her dismay, since he was all dashing and shit. But at the end of the day, it's still a guy named Stuart. That's just as wussy as "Graham," if not wussier.

After commercials, we're at the Chieftain, where Sam and Jane have reunited. Ben tells Jane he really likes her perfume, but Sam informs him that it's his "soothing after-shave balm." "You smell like apples, man," says Ben, but Sam defiantly says that they'll see who's laughing in five years, when Sam still has his baby face. Jerome rolls up, asking Sam whether he caught anything today; Jerome saw his boat going out earlier. Sam, turning to Jane, sternly asks what the answer is, and she stammers that she still has some work to do on the knots. She kindly doesn't add that Sam still has some work to do on his toenails.

Marin's shooting pool when Jack enters. She challenges him to a game, but he says he's not up to it -- at least, until she trash-talks him about his last loss to her, and he cheerfully gives in. Ben comes over with a couple of beers for them, and asks Jack whether they're going to let the doctor tell them. Jack's all, "Jigga-what?" Ben says Theresa told him about the ultrasound the next day, and that they could find out the sex of the baby, asking whether it's weird that he really wants to know. Jack vaguely says that if they find out, they'll tell him, and Ben takes off. This whole time, Marin's been smiling serenely but not really inserting herself in the conversation, so Jack says he knows she's thinking it's weird that he isn't going to this appointment. Marin says she wasn't going to say that, and quietly tells him to break. Jack's all, "I shouldn't be talking to you about this. Let's just play." Marin tells him that she might not be one of the guys, but that she is a friend; he can talk to her. Given the least encouragement, Jack unburdens himself, saying that Lynn is worried that he's only halfway committed. Marin says she supposes you can't do that when there's a baby involved, but Jack says it's his experience that you can't half-ass it in any relationship. Marin smiles that it's "all or nothing" with him. Well, all, nothing, or whatever the hell these two are doing with the flirting all the time.

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