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Why Can't We Be Friends?

In a truck parked at the side of the road, Ben and Sara furiously make out. And I mean furiously -- they actually look like they might be mad at each other and taking it out on one another's faces. Presently, Celia appears, wearily telling them to separate and roll down the window. They're on a state highway, and even though they're obviously not bothering anyone (except Celia), she wants them to get a room. Fortunately, Sara already has one! "This isn't that," says Sara. Celia doesn't care: "I'm closing this heavy-petting zoo down." Well, even if she wasn't going to, calling it that surely killed the mood; all I can think of is a goat and a llama getting it on. Celia takes off, and Ben and Sara laughs at themselves. He asks if she wants to go to the Inn, but she says she doesn't want to mix business with pleasure. Ben suggests that they find another spot to park; she says it's ridiculous, but he says he thinks making out in the car is kind of fun. Sara: "Yeah! If we were sixteen." Well, honestly. This can't be good for anyone's back or hips. Anyway, she says that they're grown-ups, "with kids at home." "And wives at home," says Ben, stupidly. Uncomfortably, Sara says that she doesn't judge. There's an awkward pause, and then Ben assures Sara, "I'm not with her. I'm with you." Sara smiles. This is going to be a problem.

Morning at the Chieftain. Marin bounds in -- wearing the same outfit she had on yesterday (?) at the Museum, despite the fact that it was nighttime at Annie's, and on the side of the road (fire the continuity girl, show!) -- and runs into Jack. They stare at each other blankly for a second, and then Jack says, "See ya," and hustles out. "Nice talking to you," brays Marin, and as she stares after Jack's departing form, Theresa walks between them, asking, "When did you two start sleeping together?" Marin stammers a denial, Theresa doesn't buy it, and Marin revises her story to say that something may have happened "once, maybe twice." Theresa says she thinks Jack and Marin would make a good couple, and Marin scoffs that they aren't ready: "We're just going to be friends. It's all good." Theresa squints appraisingly: "You can pull that off -- just friends?" Marin, not seeing trouble ahead, says that she's excited to get to know Jack, "be pals," but Theresa seems uncertain that their friendship will bloom in a post-naked context. Marin defensively says that it's been done before, though she adds, "Not by me." She points to Theresa and Ben as a successful example of male/female friendship, but Theresa calls them "the poster couple for ambivalent relationships." Marin wonders if it won't be easier for Theresa and Ben "now that [they're] both dating," and Theresa, squinting harder, asks, "You're talking about Sara?" Marin tries to get Theresa to say that she knew, and Theresa shrugs that she figured: "It's a small town." With one more reminder that Marin and Jack are seriously just friends, you guys, Marin and Theresa part ways.

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