Men In Trees
The Darkest Day

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The Darkest Day

Fade up on Marin, in the Presidential Suite, listening to Jack's message for what has got to be the millionth time. As she saves it, she smiles wistfully to herself, wishing Lynn had a car with brakes she could cut.

Radio station. Patrick exposits that it's the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, which means it's time for the annual Stars Hollow...I mean "Elmo" Festival Of Lights. We pan over shots of fairy lights getting strung up; Theresa and Ben sharing intimate (non-dirty) body language at the Chieftain; Jack, waking up on his couch (I assume he's just set his head down, because his moussery is utterly intact); and Annie, reading one of Marin's books and drinking out of a Patrick mug, which she then empties sadly into her sink. By the way, I'm choosing to believe that this isn't a custom item she'd received as a gift, but what passes as a souvenir in a town of fourteen citizens, like she's going to go into her cupboard and pull out a Jerome mug instead.

New York. Sam is getting ready to leave Jane's. He gruffly tells her he doesn't know why they can't try the long-distance thing, but Jane tries to put on a brave face as she says she can't truck with those kinds of shenanigans at her age. Which is...thirty-one? Shut up, Jane. Sam gives her a sad goodbye kiss and heads off to catch his plane. That's a long-ass trip. Pack some Combos.

Jack's House Of Awkward. As he reads the paper and tries to pretend she isn't there, Lynn tells Jack she'd forgotten how good the water is in Elmo, and that it can even make decaf taste good. Jack asks since when she drinks decaf, and she pats her belly, and he's like, "...So you don't need $300 and a ride to the clinic. Great." Lynn gets up to clear the table; Jack chivalrously tries to stop her, in light of [belly pat], but she tells him she's fine. She warmly says she doesn't mind talking about her oven bun -- she says she figures she owes him that much -- but Jack coolly says it's none of his business. Lynn quickly covers her stung expression and says she'll pay him back by bussing the dishes. Jack politely doesn't say he'd rather accept payment in the form of her ass leaving town.

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