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The Darkest Day

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The Darkest Day

Jack sits at home, studying the old photo of himself and Lynn and drinking.

Marin finally gets around to opening the parcel Lynn had brought up for her. It's a first edition of Walden from Stuart. She immediately calls him and tells him she wants to sign with him. I'm sure that's exactly the kind of 1 AM phone call Stuart was dying to get.

Festival Of Lights. People put their little lit-up boats on the water. And then Patrick sets his model ship on fire and sets it out to float. Celia comes fluttering over, and he tells her that he built it for her, and that he set it on fire for both of them. He doesn't want to be a mama's boy -- he wants to be a mama's man: "I think we should see other people." Heh. He sees Annie behind Celia's shoulder and excuses himself to go thank her for helping him to grow up, and making him a better person, and being his "first...everything." He adds, "I will always be grateful I had you in my life." He starts to move on, like a mama's man, but Annie grabs him and plants one on him. Aw.

Ellis brings Celia a cup of coffee and tells her he's putting her on probation, but don't worry, y'all! It's just so he can see her all the time. He tries to kiss him, but she puts him off, and Ellis is fine with keeping it secret so it's all hot and shit. Eh.

Jack finds Marin. She wearily tells him he doesn't have to explain anything to her, and fortunately, he's not planning to: he just says that everything with him and Lynn is complicated, and that he needs to see where it's going, but for the record, he meant everything he said in her message. Marin squints at him, saying that it doesn't count unless you say it in person. But Jack doesn't take the bait, and Marin huffs off.

Marin wanders through the festival, getting stopped by Patrick, who tells her he and Annie are back together. She says she's happy for him, but she can't help crying about Jack. Patrick very nicely hugs her, saying he wishes he could help her like she always helps him. "You just did," says Marin kindly. I guess that's true, in the sense that he really did nothing.

Closing voice-over! As Marin trudges off, she says we're all a little in the dark when it comes to love. Sometimes, we have to run away from it to see it more clearly (Ben and Theresa huddle together). Sometimes you have to come home to have it again (Sara gets off a bus and wheels her suitcase through town). Optimists know there's an endless supply of love to go around (Patrick and Annie huddle together). Others of us just hope we're not the only ones left without a seat "when the music stops" (Celia turns off the light in Patrick's childhood room). "Even when you get what you want, at best, love is a shot in the dark" (Lynn develops a print of Jack and Marin at the festival). "A chance to illuminate things about yourself you didn't know" (Jane gets a text from Sam: "You light up my life"), "like that you're not over them yet." Marin studies her own phone in the Presidential Suite; she deletes Jack's message. "Or that maybe you will be, after a very long, very dark night." Outside, the sun rises. You know, for something that was supposed to be such a long-ass night, a lot of that episode sure seemed to take place in daylight.

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