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The Darkest Day

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The Darkest Day

Marin calls Jane to complain that Lynn is still hanging around, and that Marin and Jack haven't spoken since the hospital. Jane makes her usual reassuring noises, adding the news that she ditched Sam. Marin is dismayed that Jane thinks she and Sam were only a fling, but she goes from 0 to Marin in under five seconds, pouting that maybe she and Jack were only a fling too. She adds that she's in the dark -- literally, even though it's 9 AM. So how it is that Jane's at home working out (in a LuluLemon top I totally also have) in daylight is, as usual, beyond me. Anyway, Jane promises Marin that she's a "home run," and that anyone would be lucky to have her, and oh, by the way, Jane's updating Marin's press kit and needs a new photo of her, looking relaxed and "Alaska-y." Marin exposits that she's a fussy photo subject (surprise), and then the subject turns to whether Marin has, as she'd promised she would, chosen a publisher. Marin sighs that she's enjoying "the woo," which includes ridiculous gift baskets of treats and delights. Jane asks whether she's received anything from Stuart Maxson yet, and Marin sighs that she hasn't. Jane reminds us again that he's the hottest publisher in New York, which I guess means he doesn't have to try to chase Marin to win her ass over.

Multipurpose Hall. Patrick's broadcasting when Marin shows up, just in time to learn about a tradition of lighting paper boats to mark the end of winter solstice. Marin says that sounds pretty, and then, picking up a t-shirt, asks whether Patrick's been sleeping there. Indeed, the place looks littered with his crap, and Patrick himself looks unshowered and grubby, and says he doesn't feel well. She tells him to go home, but Patrick says he can't go back to the Inn because everything there reminds him of Annie. Marin, alleged relationship coach, brilliantly asks whether Patrick and Annie can't just work things out, and Patrick sums up their issue by saying that he loves his mom, and Annie can't handle it. Marin puts her cans on and, staring meaningfully at Patrick (barely holding his shit together), asks how you get through your darkest day. Amazing Race headlamp?

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