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The Darkest Day

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The Darkest Day

Celia gets to her office, where this Ellis guy is a hard-on about errors in her file and the discrepancy between her watch and his. He asks if she's ready for a ride-along. Oh, I'd say she's twenty-six years overdue for it.

Patrick tosses in bed, and then, in distress, reaches for the instructions for the model ship Celia left. At least if he went back to the Inn, he could get some pay-per-view porn.

Jack's leaving his house when Lynn rolls up, burbling about how much she loves the light on the darkest day. Jack's like, "...And?" Lynn hesitantly asks what he thinks about her moving back to Elmo. Jack curtly asks when she'll be moving out of his place. Lynn crabs something about him not letting the door hit her in the ass, and Jack snaps that she can't expect him to be excited about this new development. Lynn says she knows she screwed up. Jack: "How? By leaving me? Or by telling me that you didn't want kids and then getting pregnant with some other guy? Or by coming home and rubbing my face in it?" Lynn gravely says she needed to see him: "You're the only one that believed that I could be a mother." Jack, scoffing in disbelief, says he can't make her feel better right now. Seriously, Lynn. You've travelled the world. Move to where you have some other friends and introduce your scandal baby to them.

After the commercials, Marin's listening to Jack's message again, and checking out Jerome's Polaroid of her in the antler hat. Can't say it's not Alaska-y.

The next shot is Marin knocking on Jack's door, which Lynn answers warmly.

The next shot is Jack's two women dawdling on his porch, where Lynn warns Marin that she doesn't usually take "people pictures." Marin knows, but she's desperate; Lynn guesses that she struck out with Jerome. She says she'll shoot Marin; it's the least she can do to pay her back for the ride to the hospital. They exchange pleasantries about everyone's health, and then Lynn says she'll pick Marin up at 1, to make the most of the little light they'll have, and the two part ways. That doesn't give Marin a lot of lead time -- where's she going to rent a panda suit?

Annie shows up at Celia's with a box of Patrick's stuff. She sets it down on the stoop, goes to knock, can't work up the nerve, lather, rinse, repeat. Except the third time she tries to knock, the bottom falls out of the box and everything lands with a loud clatter.

Inside, Patrick wanders toward the door, ship in hand. He peers through the peephole and sees Annie gathering everything up. He pouts at her to leave it, but she quavers that the box is broken. Patrick's all, "Just like us," and Annie begs him to open the door. He idly comments that he's never had his stuff left on a porch before. She says she didn't want it to be like that. Patrick says she tried to make him choose between herself and his mother, and Annie replies, "I thought there would be room enough for all of us." She says she only wanted Patrick to stick up for her -- for them; she wanted him to be a man. Patrick snaps, "I am a man!" But the model ship in his hands sort of gives the lie to his claim. "Of course you are," says Annie primly, handing him his things and taking off. That is really an impractically short skirt for what is allegedly the shortest day of the year. In Alaska.

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