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The Darkest Day

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The Darkest Day

Inn. Marin comes to the front desk, where she finds an absolutely enormous bottle of champagne from yet another publisher. Theresa enters, duly laughs at the size of this ridiculous thing, and then is followed by Lynn. Marin says that Lynn's early, and Lynn breezes that she's not there for Marin; she's moving in. Marin reacts to this with about as much equanimity as you'd expect, babbling for like ten minutes and trying to cover that she's fine with it. Lynn's like, "See you later, crackers." Marin looks like she's thinking of caving her head in with her champagne.

Instead, Marin tears into the champagne and calls Jane, updating her about Lynn. Jane is just now getting ready for work, apparently. Time. ZONES. Anyway, Jane is totally unfazed, saying that Jack is obviously into Marin. She also advises Marin to distract herself by picking a publisher. Marin confirms that the champagne is not from Stuart, and then returns to her theme about Jack, and the dark, and the fact that she's in it.

Jack's. Lynn's stripped to a tank top when Jack enters her darkroom. He's in a better mood than before, and both apologize to each other. Jack gets some stuff off a shelf to help her pack it -- nicely, not like he's bum-rushing her -- and she takes out a photo of herself and Jack as kids, holding huge fish they've just caught. Lynn sighs that the photo is so heartbreaking; he's smiling, but his eyes are so sad. Jack says the photo was taken right after his dad died, and Lynn remembers that she tried so hard to cheer him up. Jack recalls that that he was trying not to cry in front of Lynn. She says that he hated having his picture taken, and then there's some of the typical blah blah about pictures vs. real life, and then Lynn wraps her arm around Jack and they start making out. Not as soon as you would think, Jack breaks it off, saying that he thinks he and Marin might have something together. He takes off, leaving Lynn to think about how many ways she can make Marin look bad at their photo shoot.

Chieftain. Jack sits at the bar, pondering his shitty luck in life, when Ben appears to beer him. Jack tells Ben that he just kissed two women on the same day, at which Ben raises his eyebrows and pours Jack a shot. He talks about how he thought he and Lynn were done. Ben says he thought that about Theresa, but that you can't kill those kinds of feelings. He produces an analogy about cutting up a starfish or some shit. Jack, chuckling, asks if Ben learned that one at bartenders' school, and Ben admits that he got that one from Sara. Jack comments that Sara's leaving made a tough decision a lot easier for Ben, and Ben agrees that timing is everything. Jack drinks to that.

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