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The Darkest Day

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The Darkest Day

Ride-along. Ellis nails a target to a tree so he can see Celia practise shooting on it. There's some trash-talk about who did what at the police academy, and then Celia leans over, drawing her mark in the snow with the muzzle of her service weapon. As she bends down, Ellis appreciatively compliments her "caboose," and she's so surprised that she turns and shoots him in the thigh. Yeah, that's going to lose her a couple of points on her evaluation.

Later, Ellis writes up a report on the incident. Celia bitches that she only grazed him, and that he was intentionally trying to rattle her, but he says he was paying her a compliment; she doesn't get it, and he tells her he's had a crush on her since they were at the police academy. Celia gets mad at his nerve, and slaps him...which, of course, leads to angry making out. I mean, good for them and everything, but it's the least hot pairing of the episode so far.

Lynn has decided to be professional, and is shooting Marin at the beach. Marin, trying to keep it light, mentions Lynn moving back to Elmo, which seems sudden, and Lynn's like, "Yeah, look, I know about you and Jack." Marin, smiling tightly, asks how she knows, and Lynn says Jack told her. She mentions the ride to the hospital, when she'd asked if Jack and Marin were dating and Marin said no; she asks why. Marin shrugs that she figured Lynn was leaving town; it wasn't the right time to get into it. Lynn, apparently, is not about hiding things, and says she wants Marin to know: "We kissed." "You and Jack?" guesses Marin. No, she meant the two of you, "we." Shut up, Marin. Lynn says that it was before she knew about Jack and Marin. Dismayed, Marin asks, "What are you saying?" Lynn says she just wanted Marin to know. Uh-oh, we have a passive-aggress-off!

Chieftain. Annie's listening to a Marin book on tape on her iPod. Marin advises Annie to look around for a likely dude prospect, seeing only Jerome and Jerome-alikes. She takes out her earbuds and gives up, whereupon a cute younger dude appears and offers to buy her a drink. Annie's answer? "How do you feel about your mother?" The guy says his mother's dead. Annie's like, "You're hired."

Ellis and Celia enjoy the afterglow on the cot in the jail cell. They both had fun. But uh-oh, they're locked in! They start to go at it again, with her pressed up against the bars (really, it's more like a grate), which is just when Jack enters and is like, "MY EYES!" Celia and Ellis cover their shame, and Celia calls for him to release them.

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