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Patrick Has Two Mommies

After an establishing shot of a cruise ship, we pan across a calm little bay and over to Jack and Marin -- the former doing some kind of science-y thing with shells, and the latter squatting on a rock, talking about her favourite subject: the marvel that is Marin. She's really excited about the book she's working on; it's not about finding a guy, but rather "finding yourself." Jack pretends to be interested, saying he can't wait to read it. She says it'll be a while. He hands her a white shell with a hole in the middle that's just the right size for Marin to wear as a bracelet. He tells her it's [incomprehensible Latin species name], and that it's the oldest shellfish on Earth; Jack just published a paper on it. Marin perks up at the news that Jack is a fellow writer. He tries to shrug it off as no big deal, because it's only in an academic journal, but Marin says it is a big deal, and congratulates him. A ship horn sounds, and Marin babbles that she'd love to go on a cruise, musing that it would be so soothing to be out on the open water, with an open bar. Jack takes this opportunity to bum her out by describing all the environmental devastation wrought by cruise ships (dumping sewage being the grossest), and tells her that there are better ways to enjoy the water -- like kayaking. Marin says she can't; Jack tells her it's easy; Marin pleads poor balance; Jack insists, saying they'll go the next night, when the water's calmer. Marin says, "It's a date," and then spazzes out, backpedaling away from the "D" word. Jack quietly corrects her that it is a date, and Marin, looking pleased, somehow manages to calm the hell down.

Inn. Mai, in a skintight pink leather fur-trimmed jacket and matching skintight pink jeans (kudos to the costumers; she's a vision in Peep), bustles in and surprises Patrick by taking a super-close-up Polaroid; as he straightens up, she explains that she needs a shot of her new stepson for her wallet, which I guess is the size of a toaster if a Polaroid's going to fit in it. Anyway, Patrick brightens at the realization that he's Mai's stepson, and she excitedly explains that she's never been a stepmother before, but that she's rising to the challenge; she even took a quiz in Parenting magazine: "Only two wrong!" Mai also has a gift for him; she hands him a bag, and he pulls out Chinese Phrases For Dummies. "I don't think you're a dummy," Mai quickly explains, beaming. Patrick opens the accompanying card and reads, "Welcome to your interracial family!" Mai says that she marked some pages in the book: "To help you understand our people!" Patrick is thrilled to have "people." Hell, he's probably excited to have any family who aren't Celia. Mai goes on to say that she's making dumplings, and observes that Patrick has good hands for folding dough, "just like Uncle Wu!" She invites him to come help, and he giddily accepts. Mai extends the invitation to Annie as well, further widening the gap between Patrick's dour old mom and his welcoming, pink new one.

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