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Patrick Has Two Mommies

After the commercials, Patrick and Celia are watching their movie (Patrick duly duded up) when Mai comes to the door. Patrick goes to get it, but Celia holds him down and stalks into the doorway, as soundalike High Noon music cloys on the soundtrack. Mai asks where Patrick is. He pipes up to say he's right there, but Celia talks over him, saying he's where he's supposed to be. Mai says that he's supposed to be with her tonight. Celia snaps that Patrick's with her: "He doesn't need you." Mai calmly says that Patrick likes her more. Patrick asks them to stop fighting, but Celia tells him to stay out of it. "Listen to your mother!" snaps Mai. In Chinese, Patrick tells Mai not to tell him what to do, and Mai shoots back that he shouldn't yell at her. Celia tells them both that they're all going to speak English, and then gives Mai a test to prove her fitness to be Patrick's mother: "Do you know why he won't mix fruit and chocolate?...Or why he can't look a reindeer in the eye?" "You can't?" Mai asks Patrick quizzically. Looking down, Patrick shakes his head no. Hee. Celia winds up by asking whether Mai knows what Patrick's favourite Christina Aguilera song is, but before Mai can guess "Beautiful," Patrick blows up, telling them both to shut their "crap traps." Mai needles Celia about the "nice manners" she taught him, but Patrick breaks in to say he can't have them fighting: "I love you both." Celia is shocked that Patrick loves Mai, as is Mai herself, but that seems to be enough to satisfy her, and she flounces out. "Well, don't leave all mad," says Patrick. "Mad?!" squeals Mai, thrilled. "My boy loves me! I'll see you next Tuesday -- internet mah jongg!" Once she's gone, Celia asks again if Patrick loves her. "Not like I love you," says Patrick wearily. "But more family means more love to go around." Celia, defeated, tells Patrick to go sit down: "Before someone else falls in love with you."

Chieftain. The place looks to be closed, Jewel and Theresa drinking at the bar. Jewel complains that they weren't recording their one song tonight. Theresa says that it was the most fun she's had in a while, but says that she can't go on tour with Jewel. Quietly, Jewel tells her that she hopes it isn't about "Mike," because she shouldn't let a guy control her life. Theresa says it's her: "It's time I started singing on my own." They hug, and then Jewel badly acts her way out of the place. Once she's gone, Ben asks how Theresa could give up an opportunity like that. She shrugs, and Ben quietly tells her, "I wish you could see even a little bit of what I see in you. "I do," says Theresa. "Now. It's taken a while. I'm stronger because of you. I just can't be anybody's backup anymore." Ben sort of chuckles: "So...I made you strong enough to leave me." "Yeah," says Theresa. Ben nods, sighing. "But I'm not going very far," promises Theresa, taking Ben's hand...and then heading out to bus tables. It would be hard to give up a gig that glamorous and satisfying.

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