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Closing montage! A post-coital Jane wakes up in bed at the Inn, alone but for a Department Of Public Works baseball cap fallen behind the pillow beside her. Oh my God, Plow Guy evaporated! Just like all his ice sculptures, eventually!

Marin snaps her laptop closed, and looks at her shell, resting on top of her New Yorker. She picks up the shell and holds it to her lip, pondering. The camera cuts away before she puts that aside, picks up the magazine, and flips to a page where she can kiss her own name.

Dock. Jane is walking briskly...somewhere, and runs into Sam, who's proudly waiting with an ice sculpture. It kind of looks like it could be an ice tombstone, but then he explains, "It's a Blackberry!" Hee! He even presses a few ice buttons, complete with sound effects. As Jane stares at it, gobsmacked, Sam says that he's getting DSL so that she can "Blackberry" him from New York. Not sure how that's going to work on a boat, but okay. Jane takes a breath, and then announces, "I should tell you, my doggie day care legally adopted my dog. And I only call my parents on holidays. And I only know they're holidays 'cause Dean & Deluca's closed. Well, I'm a busy lady. So I can't really promise that I can keep in touch." Sam has basically never stopped smiling in the entire time we've known him, and this speech doesn't break his streak, as he simply replies, "Okay." "Okay," says Jane, relaxing enough to smile. She keeps walking, not acknowledging her ice Blackberry, and somehow Sam acts like it's all totally worth it anyway.

Later, Jane is waiting on the dock with her luggage when Marin comes up and apologizes, actually sincerely. Jane says she knows she pushed Marin into "all this": "I'm pushy." Marin -- fixing her blow-away hair so that we can see she's wearing the shell on her wrist again -- will only allow that Jane is "a smidge" pushy: "But it makes you a great editor." RRRRRRRRRR. "But a great friend, not so much," says Jane. She says she's not going to push anymore; she wants Marin to do what will make her happy. She'll cancel all the meetings, and Marin can stay in "this snow cone of a town": "And you and me? We'll be fine." The ladies smile at each other a moment, and then Marin declares, "I'm coming with you." Jane is silently shocked. Marin pulls it back around to the car: "If I'm not gonna go on my own journey, who will?" Happiness! Kind of.

There's a brief flash of Jack, messing around in his bay, and then we're back on the dock, as Marin reads...herself: "'The Menaissance,' by Marin Frist. My friend Jack taught me about balance -- that it's just as important in nature as it is in yourself." Jack walks toward the camera so we can all remember that he's attractive and rugged.

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