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Patrick Has Two Mommies

Annie and Patrick canoodle, with magazines: "That when you care for someone, they can care for you back." I had thought they were both reading New Yorkers, but it turns out she's reading Marin, and he's reading Mad. They'll probably be equally edified by their respective choices.

"That you can trust other people to help you out." Celia does laundry, assisted by a genial Patrick.

"And that you can trust yourself." Alone beside the water, Theresa strums a guitar and makes notes in a book beside her. I want to support her, but she's wearing a trucker hat.

Dock. Jane gets a text: "MISSING YOU ALREADY. PLOW GUY." Oh, shouting. Bad start on the internet, my friend. But Jane eats it up.

"You don't have to say everything you feel." Jack squats in the bay and stares. "I know this because I met Jack. The first real man I've ever known." Jack gets up off his haunches and strides toward the rock, and because the bay is so shallow, it actually looks like he's walking on water. We get it: he's a miracle. A miracle who's not scared to fight with nail scratches and hair-pulling.

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