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Chieftain. A crabby Ben is putting cases away in the back when Theresa comes in, asking if he needs help. Ben says he's okay, pointedly calling her "Wendy." Oh, Wendy. Not Winnie! Did I mention that Jewel sucks? Ben asks when Theresa was going to tell him that she used to tour with Jewel, and use a different name: "Those are the kinds of things that you usually share with your husband." Theresa says that it's complicated. Ben scoffs that it usually is, with her. Theresa takes forever to admit that she doesn't talk about the past because she was dating a guy, back then, who used to hit her; she stayed with him for three years. Ben melts. Theresa says that she never wanted to talk about any of this. Ben asks why, and Theresa replies, "Because of the way you're looking at me right now." She was ashamed, and wanted to forget that it ever happened. Ben, breaking down, says, "You can tell me anything." Theresa, also crying, says she knows. "It's done," she says. "That's the point." She came to Elmo and changed her name -- "changed everything." And she claims that Ben knowing about her past wouldn't have changed anything between them. "But it did," says Ben. Aw. Kind of. She's still annoying.

After commercials, Marin's back at the rock she was hanging out on at the start of the episode, playing with her shell, thinking about the good times.

Moments later, Marin's stomping up to Jack in his driveway, aggressively telling him how crappy it is that he won't read what she wrote. Jack replies, "The damage is done." Marin shirtily tells him that an opportunity like that doesn't come up very often in her "business." "Congratulations," says Jack acidly. Marin asks if he's just going to shut her out, and he says, "It's a lot safer that way." Marin says that if he wants her feelings to be respected, "it's a two-way street." And he should check his blind spot! And keep his tires inflated! What are we talking about again?

Marin blahs that writing is what she loves, and that when she does it well, she can give people hope, and Jack should respect that and read what she wrote. Jack says that he would have read it, if Marin had brought it to him herself, before it was published in a magazine. "Well, that ship has sailed and taken a lot of copies with it," Marin chokes. She adds that she read Jack's piece, and that she learned something: "You know why? 'Cause you're really good at what you do. Just like I'm good at what I do." Eh, I think her vehicle's out of gas. Jack wearily says that he never said Marin wasn't good at what she does. Marin pulls out the big guns by trying the most sure-fire way to kiss up to a writer: proving she remembers something he wrote! "You wrote, and I quote, that 'Even when the balance of the ecosystem is upset, in time it can correct itself if it's given the chance.'" "Yeah," says Jack. "But it's never the same again." Marin surmises that he doesn't want to give it a chance. Jack says he doesn't want to fight. Marin says she doesn't either -- she wants to go back to what they were: "What we are!" "We aren't anything," says Jack. Marin asks if the last couple of months were just "hanging out to kill time," then. Jack steps into her personal space: "No. The last couple of months, I actually thought that we could've had something." Marin is stunned silent, but only for a second: "That's not fair." "It's not supposed to be," says Jack. Marin asks, then, if she goes back to New York and writes this book, their friendship is over? Jack studies her, saying nothing, and finally Marin flounces off, shaking her head. Seriously, you guys, did Jack go to girls' school? Because he is a BITCH.

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