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Buh-bye, Binder!

And speaking of me, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who read these recaps just because I was writing them. Which, basically, is all of you. And while that's still only about five people (hi Jessica, Linda, Sher, Pontoon, Fluke Girl, and all the rest!) (Sars gets paid to read them, so she doesn't count ["Ack" -- Sars]), your sacrifice is still duly noted and much appreciated. And fear not, I'll be back. Six Feet Under starts up again in March, but between now and then, I do plan to keep busy. Maybe that means Memento, or maybe I'll get ambitious and tackle a few of those shows you've been begging for on the forums. I figure I can knock off a few seasons each of Picket Fences, Farscape, Law & Order, and Knight Rider while the winter snows keeps me from venturing outside (yeah, right. This from a guy who takes the full seven days to write one seven-page recap). Until then, however, always remember to rhyme when possible, to always be alliterative, and don't ever, EVER, agree to recap a show starring Mike Binder. No matter how attractive the thirty-minute format might be.

Buh-bye, Binder. Don't let the door hit you in your enormous ego on the way out.

Aaron: So, listen, Chris, about that pilot script I sent you...Chris? Hello? Hello?
Operator: If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and dial again.
Aaron: Asshole. Heh. Thank God for *69.
Chris Albrecht: Hello?
Aaron: Yes, hi. Do you by any chance have Prince Albert in a can?

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